How to get out of boring situations on Android Devices

Sometimes you may feel that the person next to you is very boring. Then you would like to get out of these types of situations. There are many other things are also like, some social events you don’t really want to attend and want to go out of there. To help you out from these types of all situations there is an Android Application on the Android Market. This application is really helpful to go out from any types of the events without making anyone feel sad. This application can make you a fake call or a fake message on your Android Device. So this is surely one of the Android Applications you would like to try out.

Fake Call Application.
Fake Call Application.

Features of this Android Application:

  • Price- This is totally free for Android Users on Android Market. So you can easily go to Android market and download it.
  • Supporting- Fake Call application supports the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.
  • It can make fake calls, fake messages, fake outgoing calls also. You can also configure the fake miss call option.
  • It will hide the icon from the launch bar, so no one will know if you have it on your Android Device. You can dial a number which default is 555 to activate this application.\
  • Its easy to navigate and set the contacts from the Contact list to make a free call for you.
  • You can also schedule the future fake calls or messages through the timing option. So that means no more waiting for anyone to call you and get you out of the different boring situations.

You will have to follow the instructions given below to use this application.

Step 1. At first you will have to go to Android market and Follow that Download Link.

Step 2. Now install the application on your Android phone or device and open it for the first time.

Step 3. When you will run this application it will ask you to set the settings of call and the fake messages.

Step 4. On the Caller ID label of this application you will have to set the number that will make you a fake call or message.

Step 5. You can manually set a number there or you can just use your existing Contact List to add a person and his or her name.

Instructions to Set Name
Instructions to Set Name

Step 6. Now you can set the Fake Call timings with the schedule settings.

So this is a quite great application to help you getting out of the all boring situations you don’t really want to be. You can also set the messages settings there with the Fake Message option. After pressing the trigger on your phone you will get a call or a message according to your choice. Then the person standing next to you will think you are actually getting a phone, but you know the real truth. This fake call application is totally free on the Android Market so you can feel free to enjoy it on your Android device.