How to share different types of files on multiple platforms at once

The file sharing options on the Android Devices are quite simple. All you have to do to share a file is to just tap on the file and use the sharing options by Bluetooth, mail and all. But when you will want to share any file from your phone to different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Mail, Bluetooth and all then you will have to open these applications or the platforms and then go to the sharing options of these platforms and then you will get the option of choosing the file to share from your Mobile. To simplify this thing you will have to use an Android App. This android app is called the Andmade Share app for Android users.

Andmade Share app
Andmade Share app

When you will install this app on your device then you will get the options to share the particular file on the several platforms at the single time. So this will be a really helpful thing in your android phone if you don’t want to waste your time in sharing the files for different platforms. You will not have to go to the Facebook and then choose the sharing option and then upload a file there. All you will have to do is just tap on the sharing option and hit the Facebook button there to share the files. So this is quite a better app to share the files than the original one on your device.

These are the Steps to Share files at once at different platforms from your Android Devices.

  • Step 1: At starting follow the given Download Link for Andmade Share Android Application. The link given here is to download the file from the Google Play Store which was Android Market in the starting.
  • Step 2: After downloading this app on your device you will have to follow the instructions to install this app on you device.
  • Step 3: After installing the app on your phone just make sure to allow the app to check out the media gallery on your phone. Now go to the gallery of your phone and then go to any picture file or video file. Now click on this file and then click on the menu button and go to the share option.
  • Step 4: Now when you will click on the share option for any file on your mobile, you will get a long list of sharing options. That means there will be options to share the file on the different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and all. But make sure you select the Andmade share option in the starting to get these options of different platforms.
  • Step 5: Now when you will select the Andmade app sharing options you will get other settings also there to configure. You can also set the options as the default too.
Andmade Share list
Andmade Share list
  • Step 6: From all the apps or platforms in the sharing option of Andmade share android app, you can choose which icon or option will appear on the screen. You can also re order these options on the phone’s sharing item lists. To do the re order thingy you will have to hold an app and then dragging it to the another location under or up another app.

So now you have the better option to share the files from your phone to different platforms at once. This app will have the ability to save a lot of sharing time of android users. If you share too much on the social networks then you must install this app on your phone. One of the best thing about this app is that it is totally free for the Android Users. This is surely an amazing move for the android users community.

How to Set Different Colour LED light alerts on Galaxy Nexus

In Galaxy Nexus there is a LED light for different notifications and this is placed near the bottom of the phone screen on the front side. If you want to work out with the LED alerts in different colours on your Galaxy Nexus then you should follow the article there are all details about the colour LED effects to put on your Galaxy Nexus. Basically when you normally receive any message or the notification then the Colour of the basic LED light is White. If you don’t like the White LED colour alert than you can set it to the different colours by using the method mentioned below.

Light Flow APP
Light Flow APP

You will surely love the new notification setting for your Galaxy Nexus. There is an Android Application to set the Colour of Galaxy Nexus LED to different colours. This application for Android is called the Light Flow.  When you will download and install this app on your Galaxy Nexus then you will get many options to customize things for your phone. Then from these several options you can set the colour of LED to different colour you like. Then you will receive better notifications on your phone’s LED Light centre. This application lets you customize several things in your phone.

These are the steps to install Light Flow Android App on your Galaxy Nexus.

  • Step 1: First of all go to the Google Play Store using your Galaxy Nexus. Then in the search bar there you will have to search for the app by typing Light Flow and hit the search option. Then look for Light Flow android app and download it on the phone, otherwise you can also follow the direct Download link for this app here.
  • Step 2: After finishing the downloading of the app on your phone just install it.
  • Step 3: Now when the app is installed on your Galaxy Nexus run this app on your phone. When you will start this app on the phone it will ask you a notification to enable the Light Flow App on the menu of accessibility on your phone. You will have to tap on check box given next to the Light Flow App on your phone.
  • Step 4: Now go to the options of this app and go to the General Settings. In the General Settings you will have to check out different types of notification things. At these options you can easily adjust the Sleep options for the app and charge settings and other notification settings.
Liteflow Options
Liteflow Options
  • Step 5: Now go back again to the menu of the app and then follow to the Notification menu items. There will be different types of the notification settings options. In those options you can easily set the settings of the LED and all for all and specific apps on your phone.
  • Step 6: There will be other options also there like the Mail or Messaging. They will also have different options for the notifications. So you can go to the different apps to set different notification settings. You can also set the default settings for the apps if you don’t want to mess the things.
Light Flow App lists
Light Flow App lists

Now you can do a lot with the app and will not get the boring LED light notifications on your phone any more. Basically there are two types of this app are there on the Google Play Store. First one for the app is called the Lite Version and the second is called the Pro version. Make sure to use the free version on your phone before you buy the pro version. The reason is based on the compatibility. If your phone will support the Lite version then you can easily go for the Pro version.

How to pause and watch YouTube Videos later in Google Chrome on Android

Many times when we are watching videos on Youtube than we have to stop or pause to video because of some reasons. And when we get back to the computer or to our Android Device to watch the videos from where we have left watching, we can not do it. The reason is that when we close the chrome window or browser window of the computer or Android, the YouTube starts the video from the starting. So if you want to watch later a YouTube video from the point you left before than use one simple chrome extension. This extension is called Pause for later chrome.

Pause for Later Chrome
Pause for Later Chrome

So when you will use this extension on your Chrome browser for Android you will not have to start and load the videos again to watch. You will have to install this extension on your Android Device in the Google chrome extension library. This is a great app or we say extension for the chrome users to pause YouTube videos at any time and then watch them later.

These are the steps to pause and save YouTube videos and watch later.

  • Step 1: In the starting go to the site on your computer using Google Chrome.
  • Step 2: Now when you will open the site there will be different options. The first option on the site will ask you to add pause for later on your chrome. The other option will contain the tutorial of this extension.
Pause for later options
Pause for later options
  • Step 3: In both of the options go to the adding button and add this to your chrome.
  • Step 4: Then this link will redirect you to the home page of chrome extensions to add this on your chrome. Then you can install it from there.
  • Step 5: After installing this extension on your Google Chrome you will get a button to pause videos on your chrome’s extension bar.
  • Step 6: Now go back to the extension site and then create a free account by following the details.
  • Step 7: Now when you have opened any video tab on YouTube, then you can click on the button on top which is pause for later. Then pause for later will add this into your account at the time you have paused the video so you can watch it later.
  • Step 8: Now whenever you get free you can go to this site and then use your account to access the videos you have paused earlier.

Well if you are looking for an option for other video sites also, then this extension will not help you with that. Current version of this extension will only pause the videos on YouTube only. If the developers of this extension would have made it for other video streaming sites like Hulu and others then it would have been a great move from them. So this is for the users who want a better experience while watching YouTube videos. To use this app on Android Devices you will have to use Google Chrome Beta for Android and follow the same procedure.

How to Track your time wasted on android applications [App Timer Android Application]

Android market is full of applications which are so addictive that can leave a person wandering around them for hours. They tend to waste too much time on some applications. Well, developers have found solution to this problem also by creating an application that can track the time spend on various installed applications which can help you to introspect and get rid of this problem. The application we are discussing today here is ATM or App Timer Mini. It is created by KF software house. When you will select any app with ATM then it will record the time you will spend on any application. Then it will always remind you the time you spent by the Status bar notifications of this app on your phone. When you will close the app it will pause the counter and will start it again when you use selected apps.


App Timer Mini
App Timer Mini

These are the steps to install the App Timer Mini application.

  • Step 1: You can browse through android market to download this application. You can download App Timer Mini here.  Free version has enough capabilities to accomplish what we are trying to do here. A pro version is also available which can make restrictions and ads go away.
  • Step 2: You have to start by selecting applications you want to monitor. One can do so by tapping Select Apps Button. If you want to track all the time you look at your phone, go ahead and select all the applications. But if you think there are only few of them which kill your time the most, just select those.
App Timer Mini options
App Timer Mini options
  • Step 3: There comes a menu where you have to select a type of timer, by type it means how often you want to reset your timer. If you can’t decide at the moment, a week is an option to choose (in general).
  • Step 4: This step is optional. You can choose the display setting of the timer like opacity and text colour. Position can also be customized.
  • Step 5: Now App Timer Mini is all set to pluck out the culprit. Just leave the application running by pressing the home button and ATM will start tracking the time you waste on certain applications.

Basically this application is available in the two versions. One version is ad-supported and which is free trial. The other version of this application is ad free and which will cost you $0.99. Well the price is quite cheap but we would like to advice you to use the free version first. Then if you like it then you can but it from Android market. With this application the time management for your Android phone will be really easy to monetize. So why don’t you go and download this app on your Android Device.

The functionality of App Timer Mini is really very simple. Users can go to the selection of the apps they want to monitor. They can also customize several things like timer’s aesthetics and all. This app will auto show you a tiny timer on the corner of the screen of your device when you will be using the apps you have selected to monitor. This will only count the time when the screen of your phone is bright and you are working on any app.

How to Ignore the Text Messages on Your Android Phone

If you want to ignore the text messages on Android from annoying people then you can use Mobile Manager Application. This application will ignore all message alerts from the people in your blacklist. One of the good things about Mobile Manager Application is that it will not store the logs of call and messages of these people on your black list. So you will not have to worry about those annoying messages from anyone anymore. This application for Android Users is basically a blacklist message blocker. So if you are tired of some people that send you filthy messages and want to get rid of the sales executive calls then just use this application. Just add them in your application’s blacklist and their text messages and calls will be automatically ignored by this application.

Mobile Manager App
Mobile Manager App

These are few steps to setup the application on your Android Device.

  • Step 2. Install the application on your Android Device with the installation instructions of the app Mobile Manager for Android by NetQin Development Company. 
  • Step 3. Now after installing the application open it and press the settings button on the upper right corner of screen. You can easily find the option on the top just look for it. 
  • Step 4. Now Select the Message Blocking options from the different options in the application. 
  • Step 5. Set up the preferences of the application from different tick boxes given in the instructions of the app. Also check out the pictures to learn more so you don’t forget to optimize the app with the right settings.
Mobile Manager Instructions
Mobile Manager Instructions


  • Step 6. Now adjust the settings of Notifications. There are options of alerting or not when blocked message arrives. 
  • Step 7. Now you are done and go to the front page of the application and press on Blacklist option. Now you can add a number to set in your black list of annoyers.

You have installed the application to avoid text messages on Android devices. Now you can feel free about the annoying messages you get from people. You can add numbers to the black list at any time later. This application also keeps the record of the messages and calls from the black listed people. So you can still view the blocked messages in future. Application is free on Android market and developed by NetQin Mobile. Remember that this application for your Android phone will only ignore the alerts of the people in your black list.

It will not prevent those numbers from any incurring charges for the messages on your bill monthly. This will ignore those messages but if you want to remove those people permanently sending you message then you can consider talking to your Wireless Service Provider customer executive. This will also auto move the private contact messages and the logs to the private space on your phone so these will not appear in the regular messages and the call logs of your phone.

How to customize Ringtones and other Notification sounds on Android Devices

If you are bored with the existing ringtone of your Android Phone and want to update them with the tracks you love. Then you can easily do that by using the Android Application Ringdroid. The main feature of this application is that it also allows the users to create their own ringtone and sounds. You can use RingDroid Android Application to edit many types of the Music files like MP3, AMR, WAV and other types of audio files to create the ringtone for your Android Phone. You can also set those sounds to the different types of notifications also, like alarm, message and anything else. So this is surely a cool application to use if you really want to get the best ringtone when someone calls you.

RingDroid Android Application.
RingDroid Android Application.

These are the main steps to customize and make your own ringtones on Android Devices.

  • Step 1. First of all go to this Download Link of RingDroid Application on Android Market.
  • Step 2. Now run the file on your Android Phone and then install it by following the instructions of this application.
  • Step 3. After installing this application you will have to open it to add the music files as ringtones. Make sure that you have all of the songs that you want to use as your ringtones on your mobile’s MicroSD card, because the application will pick those audio files from there.
  • Step 4. Now in this application’s Interface you will find all of the audio files that are on your Android Phone. To add any audio file as your ringtone you will have to tap on the song. Then you will get the Play Option. Tap on this option and you can choose that song as your Ringtone.
  • Step 5. To customize the audio file you will have to double tap in the play menu. That will give you the access to cut the audio file in some specific time. You will have to set the starting time and the finishing time of the specific audio file in order to set it as your ringtone.
RingDroid Customizing Track.
RingDroid Customizing Track.
  • Step 5. If you want to set any sound as the alarm or message notification then you can go further in the application when you get the Apply As Ringtone option. There you will find the option of attaching the specific file to any type of notification.

RingDroid is surely a great application that allows you to control the sounds of your Android Phone. One of the best things about this Android Application is that it is totally free on Android Market for all users. Another good thing is that it is Ads Free. So you will not be distracted while making the funny ringtone for your Android Phone.

A tip for the application is that when you see the waveform of the audio file while editing it, and then just tap on any point of the waveform to make the starting point of the track. The user interface of the application is really great. It’s very easy to operate. If you have any problems regarding this android application then just comment on the post and we will get back to you.

How to use music player of PC with Android

The advancement of technology is really great with Android Applications. If you want to control the media player of your Computer with the help of the Android Device than its very easy thing to do. You will just have to download an Android Application for your Android Phone to do that. You will have to download the WinAmp remote application for Android Devices. If you will check out the application’s features than you will get to know that you can actually change the tracks and control the whole media with the help of this Android Application.

Winamp for Android.
Winamp for Android.

In order to control the music on your PC with the help of an Android Device you will have to configure your PC also by downloading the Winamp media player. If you already have this on your computer than its okay, otherwise you will have to download from the main site. There are many advantages of the Winamp media player for PC. You can do several things like making the playlists and all with this media player. In the article we will follow the guidelines in order to control the music of your PC or laptop with the help of an Android Devices remotely.

Configure your PC or Laptop-

First of all you will have to configure your computer with several options in order to control the media.

  • Download the Winamp player for your computer and install it.
  • Now you will have to download the remote plugin of Winamp on your Computer. The download link is here.
  • Now you will have to install the remote plugin on your computer and then follow the main other instructions given with the installation.
  • Now you will have to start the Winamp on your Computer and then go to the Local IP address and note it down on the paper. You will get this option in the Remote Control Server of the remote plugin you downloaded earlier.
  • Now you are done configuring your computer in order to use the application or controlling the music.

Steps for your Android Phone-

  • Step 1. Go to the Android Market and from there Download Remote Winamp Application.
  • Step 2. Now Install that app on your Android phone by following the on screen instructions.
  • Step 3. Now you will have to start this app and get that paper on that you noted the IP Address. Now go to the main settings of this Android Application and then enter the IP Address in the option of the Server IP Address.
  • Step 4. After entering the IP address, Click on the Overview Option of the Winamp remote control application on your Phone and then Click on Connect Option.
  • Step 5. Now put some songs in the playlist of your Winamp media player on your computer and try to change the tracks with the help of your Android Phone.

This is surely a cool thing to control the music of your computer with the help of an Android Application on your phone. You can actually change the tracks and pause them and make other changes in the play list with the help of your phone only. You can forward any track or go back to the previous one with this application. You will need the same wi-fi network for your computer and your mobile in order to control the music on your phone. If you are not in range of Wi-Fi then you will not be able to change the tracks or control the media player of your computer.