How to use the features of Instagram Android Application

There are so many photo sharing sites are there on internet but some of them are just best. One of the best photo sharing sites on internet is Instagram. You can also access it using your Android Device too. You can download Instagram for Android application on your device and you are ready to share pictures with everyone on internet. As this application is new for Android devices you might have some trouble using it and we have gathered all the cool features of this application which you can read in this article. We will surely like to help you on how you can really get started with Instagram for Android.

Instagram for Android
Instagram for Android

Instagram is really very famous and the application for Android really got very popular and it reached the count of 1 Million downloads on the Google Play store on one single day. Now Instagram bought the attention of Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook and he bought Instagram and its now a part of Facebook Company. There are many people who didn’t liked this move but what you can say about this because money was really high offered by Mark to Instagram creators. You just go through this article and be ready to learn how you can edit and share photos with Instagram Android Application.

These are the main interesting features of Instagram Android Application.

Download Application – If you don’t have this application on your Android device then you can first download this application for free on Google Play Store. Otherwise just go to Download Link of Instagram Android Application. After downloading the application just install it on your Android device and you are ready to go. The last step left for you is Signing Up on Instagram, when you will start the application just click on the Sign Up option and create a new profile and you can also add your other details too.

Now in the following steps given below you will learn how you can take and edit pictures with Instagram and then share it with others.

  • How to take pictures – To take pictures with Instagram you can just simply click on the Camera Button. If you want to use more advanced options then go to Instagram’s Advanced Camera Option and then Capture a snap. With the advance version of camera option with Instagram you can also crop the picture and other editing too. So taking picture with Instagram is really cool because of its Advanced Camera Option. You will surely like it.
    Instagram Features
    Instagram Features

    To set the Advance Camera option of this application you will just need to Click on Profile Menu. Under Profile menu on the Upper Right corner there is an option Context Menu, just click on it. Now there you will find the Settings to setup camera. Just click in the Check Box of Instagram Advanced Camera and you are ready to use Advanced Camera option every time to take a snap with Instagram.

  • How to Edit pictures with Instagram Android Application – Now you know how to take the snapshots with Instagram you can go for editing of pictures. When you will take a picture with Instagram you will get the Editing screen by default on your Android Device Screen. There are different options are there to explore in the Editing Menu. You can use different filters for your photo like Borders and different types of other customized effects too. Instagram Application for Android Comes with more than 15 different filters to used with pictures. You can easily create great pictures with the editing feature.
  • How Share With Others – Now after taking and editing a picture you can share it with your friends easily. Instagram is also an online community where you can make friends and share with them. You can share with the followers you have on Instagram Community. Now to share a photo, just after editing you should find a button with Double Brackets on the upper right corner of your screen. Just click on it and it will ask you to share the photo with different other social networks too. This is how you can share photos after editing with Instagram Android Application.

These were the cool features of Instagram Android Applciation explained above. You can take new pictures and edit them and then send the pictures to others and you will get more exposure for sure. Instagram wasn’t available for Android Yet and it was a successful application among the iPhone users. On instagram with your account you can follow other people and then you can share with them too. You will also get to check the photos shared by your followers with this application for android.

How to check Google Docs in the offline mode with Android

Google Doc is one of the best ways to organize your documents online. You can create and send new documents to anyone using Google Doc. You will have to give a little sharing permission to others when you want others to make any changes in the documents you want. Now if you want to access your Google Docs when you are not online with your Android Phone then you can download an application for your Android Device. There is already a Google Doc application for android devices on the Google Play store but this doesn’t allow them to access their Documents in the offline mode. Now to edit or view your documents in the offline mode you can download the latest Google Document application for your Android Device.

With latest Google Doc application for Android devices you can easily view your documents at any time you want even if you are not in the connectivity zone of internet. Well this is really helping when you don’t have any connectivity and want to access your documents with your phone. In these times you can use this application to view your all important Google Docs any time you want without any connectivity to internet and make changes in them. This application will download all the documents of Google Docs on your device to let you edit them and then when you will be in the connectivity of internet it will automatically update the edited documents on the Google Mail Server too.

These are the steps to download and install Offline Google Doc application on your Android Devices.

First Step- First of all download the offline Google Doc application on your Android Device and install it. Download the application by following this link- Google Doc Android Application.

Mark Documents for Offline Use-

The first step is to mark all the files that you want to access in the offline mode. If you will not mark the files as the offline mode accessible then you will not be able to use them in the offline mode. Now if you have an Android Phone then follow the first procedure or if you have any Tablet based on Android Then follow the second procedure.

  • On Android Phone – To mark offline on your phone just open any document you want and press of that file and from different options choose Make Available Offline.
  • On Android Tablet – If you have tablet then you can do it in the same way you did on your phone and you can also open a doc on your tablet and then in the Preview Pane just choose Available Offline box. Otherwise just touch on the main menu button on the right side of your screen and select Make it available Offline.
Google Doc Offline Settings
Google Doc Offline Settings

View and Edit files in Offline Mode-

Now as far now you have enabled different documents to be used in the offline mode. Now these are the basic steps on how you can view your offline documents with Google Doc.

View Files on Android Phone-

  • Step 1: First of all go to Google Doc application and you will get all of the documents to view there.
  • Step 2: Now from different options of this application on your phone just choose the Offline option and click on it.
  • Step 3: Now here you will see a list of all documents that you have enabled previously to use offline. You can choose any file you want and make any changes. So this is how you can do it with your android phone.

View files on Android Tablet

  • Step 1: On your Android Tablet Open Google Doc application and on the left panel of the page you will find different options.
  • Step 2: From different options on the left side just search for Offline Button and click on it.
  • Step 3: Now you will see all the offline accessible files on your Tablet and you can view and edit them easily.
Google Doc Offline Settings 2
Google Doc Offline Settings 2

So this is how you can view the Google Documents files in the offline mode with your Android phone or the android tablet. You can make any changes you want in all the files you have chosen to edit. Then when you will be in the connectivity zone of internet this application will check if you have made any changes or not in the offline files. If you had made any changes in the offline files then this application will automatically update the changed file on your Google Doc account too. This is easy to do by clicking on the update button too. So now you have a better way to get in touch with all important documents in offline mode too.

How to Enhance the Security of Dropbox Files on Android Devices

If you have no information of Dropbox then we would like to tell you that it is a cool feature that let you store your files and sync them on your Android Devices. Now if you have not downloaded this on your Android Devices then first of all just download it. If you already have the Dropbox option on your Device then just follow this article to enhance the security of your files. There is a built in feature of Dropbox that let you allow to enhance the overall security of all files on the Dropbox. If there are some people that everyday ask you to use your phone for time pass and you want to save your private files from them then just use this cool security feature.


Sometimes letting your phone to anyone is not really good option. Every time you will feel like they are accessing your private files on your phone like private photos and videos. So if you don’t want to be rude to them about accessing your phone then just put your all files in the Dropbox and then add a security option to Dropbox with a pass code. This will surely enhance the security of your files. This is also helpful if you lose your Android Device anywhere then no one will have access to your files with the security feature of Dropbox. All you need to enhance security of files on your Android device is just by going through the Security options of Dropbox.

These are the simple steps to enhance security of all files of Dropbox on your Android Device.

  • Step 1: The basic step is by switching on your Android Phone or tablet and go to the Dropbox application. Now run this application and look for files. If you are new to Dropbox then we will advice you to go through the small tutorial of Dropbox in the starting of application.
  • Step 2: Now after starting this application just look for the menu button and go to the settings and click on it. If your device is configured with the latest Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich then you will find three really small dots on the corner of your screen. You can just tap on them too.
Dropbox Settings
Dropbox Settings
  • Step 3: In settings page you will find so many options. From all these options look For PassCode option. If you will scroll down a little bit then you can easily find it. After finding Passcode option just press the check button in front of this button.
  • Step 4: Now it will ask you to enter a secure passcode for this application. You can enter a passcode that is easy to remember and then you will have to re enter this passcode to match.
  • Step 5: Step 4 is enough for the normal security but if you want to add more security feature then also follow this step too. There is a special option with dropbox if you lose your phone in the future and want to erase all the files on device. Enable this option and whenever this application will receive 10 failed login attempts then it will automatically delete all the files.

So this is how you can enhance the over all security of files you have saved in the Dropbox application on your Android Device. There are some other settings are also there to manage in the Dropbox settings menu. You can look around if you want to search for more options. Now whenever you want to use the files of Dropbox you will have to enter the passcode that you have set before in these steps. Now you can easily give your device to anyone without worrying about the private files. If you don’t want to lose your data with the failed login attempts then you should not check the auto erase button that is described in the Step 5.

How To Share the Bar Code Information with Other People on Android

Bar Code scanning is one of the most coolest feature of Android Device. It lets you scan a bar code from a product and then gives you all information about the particular product. Now days there are many sites who are just using a bar code on their product review page to be scanned by the Android Device to purchase the product. Now sometimes you will find yourself a product that is really good and you want to share it with the other people on your circle. To do this you will have to type all the information about the product and from where to purchase and all. But now you can be happy that you can share this bar code information with others using an Android Application.

Barcode Scan
Barcode Scan

This application is called the Bar Code Cache and it is available to download on the Google Play Store. With this application you can scan any bar code and then send it to the other people you know to inform them about the product. This application is totally free and let you pass all the info of the bar code to others without any charges. The basic feature of this application is just saving the information of a bar code and then gives you sharing buttons to share it with other people you know. This process is really very simple to do on your Android device. You can send all the information about the bar code using just a single touch.

These are the Steps to Install Bar Code Cache Application on your Android device to pass bar code information to others.

First Step– First of all check that you have a bar Code scanner application on your device or not. If you will not have any application to scan the bar code then you can not send this info to others. This application bar code cache will not work without a scanner application. If you don’t have it then just download the Bar Code Scanner application from Google Play Store and Install it on your Device. After installing just follow these steps given below.

  • Step 1: First of all go to the Google Play Store on your device and go to the search field. In the search box type Barcode Cache and tap on Search. Now click on the first link of Bar Code Cache application and download this on your device.
  • Step 2: After downloading this application just Install it and you are ready to go further.
  • Step 3: Now after installing this application just Run it for the first time and create a label. You can also create different labels on the main App Menu Bar of this application.
  • Step 4: Now with the created labels you can press on any of them and you can use the Bar Code Scanner app to scan a bar code. Now this application will store the data of the BarCode on the Label you have chosen.
  • Step 5: Now after scanning a code you can press on this label again and then you will get different options of sharing. These sharing options will have different types of sharing mediums to share the info like Mail And all. You can also edit all of the labels you will create this application.

Now after following these all steps you can easily forward the details of any bar code to your friends. This application follows a simple working which is by first storing the info of a bar code and then create label to share it with others. So now you will not have any problem to share a bar code information with other people you know. This application is free for Android Users on Google play store. So why don’t you try it out and let us know you liked it or not.

How To Change Any Photo Into Beautiful Word Art [ WordCam App Review]

You own an Android Smartphone and sometimes you feel very creative and don’t have anything to do that, then at those times WordCam application for android devices can help you create better pictures with nice creativity. This application will let you change any photo into a creative word art. You can upload the picture to show your friends and grab attention. There are so many applications are there on google play store for Android devices but they all are kind of same. Some of them will allow you to crop and adjust brightness a little bit but this application actually let you create something unique.

WordCam Android Application
WordCam Android Application

These are the steps to change any normal photo into an amazing word art with WordCam application.

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play store and search for WordCam application there. You will get two different links to its free and pro version. At starting just go for the free version, we have mentioned the special features of Pro version below the steps.
  • Step 2: Now after downloading the free version of this application just install it on your Android device.
  • Step 3: Now run this application and you will get option of selecting the picture. You can either go to your Gallery on your phone to select a picture or you can just take a new one using your camera.
  • Step 4: If you will select the gallery option then it will show you all photos you have on your device to let you choose one of them. Now after selecting the picture you want to turn into word art go further.
  • Step 5: Now this application will turn the photo you selected into word art, you can also add your own words to the picture but this is only available in the pro version.
  • Step 6: You can select the tuning of the word art on any picture by scrolling the button from left to right.

This is how you can create beautiful word art with any picture you want. The free version of this application will let you try the photos but the special features of this application like Adding new Fonts and words to the picture is only available in the pro version.

Created Photo
Created Photo

Now if you have the pro version installed on your Device Follow these instructions.

  • Step 1: Now select the picture from the gallery or just take a new one.
  • Step 2: If you want to add more words and fonts to the picture, just go to the Words Option on the top of your device. Now you can clear all the previous words came with the application and add your own new words.
  • Step 3: After adding different words you can adjust other settings also like Fonts from the main menu. In the menu select fonts and you will have so many fonts to select and apply on the pictures. Select the one you love most and you are good to go.
  • Step 4: Now head back to the picture and apply the word art. You can select the tuning of picture and adjust the word size.
  • Step 5: To share the final creation you have created with this application, just tap on the share button.

So now finally you have an application to take different types of photos of different objects and turn them into some sort of art. So why don’t you go and try out this application on your Android Device.

Direct Download Links-  WordCam Free Version |||| WordCam Pro Version.


How you can use Incognito Mode Surfing option on Chrome Beta for Android

Google chrome has been a great browser for many computer users for a long time now. Now Google has launched this for the Android users also. If you are an Android user and you want to explore the browsing option like you have on your computer device then you can down load the Chrome Beta for android and then use the computer like surfing on your device too. The options of browsing on Android are also the same like the options of the chrome are on computer devices. You will get to explore all of the main options like the Incognito browsing like you have on your computer device. You will also get to explore it on the Android Mobiles or devices too.

Chrome For Android
Chrome For Android

Google Chrome Beta for Android is free to download and you can get the better browsing experience on your Android Device too. If you want to use the incognito mode of Google Chrome browser for android device to have protected surfing then follow the article and steps given below carefully. There is one single problem is there with the Google Chrome Android Beta browser. This problem is that it is only available for the devices on Android having the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 Version.  If you don’t have ICS devices than you can not use this browser on your device. Maybe Google will launch its version for other devices with different operating system version.

These are the main steps to Install Google Chrome Beta for android and then use the Incognito surfing mode.

  • To use its incognito mode you will have to first download and install it. If you already have it on your device then just skip this option and go to further steps. To download this browser go to the download link for Google Chrome Beta for Android.
  • Now after downloading it on your device just install it by following the simple instructions given with the browser.
  • Now after installing it correctly on your device just run it for the very first time. After running it on your device you will get different options to explore.
  • Now to use the Incognito mode browsing feature of this browser on your device just Tap on the Menu Icon on Top. In the menu option you will get different types of other options too. Out of these different options just find New Incognito Tab and click on it.
Incognito mode option
Incognito mode option
  • After selecting the Incognito mode you will get to surf in the anonymous mode on your Android Device too.
  • Now in this mode if you will open a page then the info of the page will not be saved in the history folder of the browser. And whenever you need several taps at the same moment than just click on the new tap option again and again.

Now you know how you can surf like boss on your Android device with the Google Chrome beta for android devices. You should give this browser a try on your android device if you haven’t used it for once. This browser is in the beta version and its available for the ICS devices only at the moment. Feel free to try it out and surf like boss.

Download Link- Google Chrome Beta for Android.

How you can set fake calls or text messages on your Android Device

There will be many times in your life when you will feel really boring with someone. Or there will be many situations around you when you are in a function and have no better person to pass the time and there will be annoying people around you. Well if you have an Android Device then you can easily get rid of all types of these situations with the help of an android device. You can install an application that will message on your android device or it will also give you a fake call option to get out of all types of the boring situations. This is just a great app which changed my life. I don’t have to lie anymore that someone is waiting for me or something like that to get out of situations like we mentioned above.

Fake Calling App
Fake Calling App

Whenever I feel like that I just push the configured button of this app and it gives me a call to distract the other person standing next to me. These people feel like I am really having a conversation and then I can easily say that I have to go or something like that. You can easily set up the fake messages and the fake calls with this application’s option. The best thing about this app is that you can write a message and then whenever you want it to be delivered on your device you can configure it. Another best thing is that this app is totally free for you to use on your device.

These are the main steps to setting up the fake call or messaging option on Android Devices

  • Step 1: The very first step to set up this thing on your device you will have to download this app called Fake Call on your device. To download the app on your device follow Fake Call App download link.
  • Step 2: Now when you have download this app on your device just install it on your phone by following the simple instructions of installing it on device.
  • Step 3: After installing this app on your device you can run this app for the first time on your device and it will pop up the configuring options of the app.
  • Step 4: Now in the Configuring of Settings just add the numbers of the people you want to get a message or a fake call while in the boring situations. You can do this in the texts area of fake call app and it is named as the Caller ID Number to send you a message.
  • Step 5: You can also add a contact name on the Caller ID option by going through the Contact list option under adding number.
Adding the Number
Adding the Number
  • Step 6: After configuring the number of messaging or calling you will have to also select the trigger to send you message. It is like a sensor on your device to launch this app. You can also explore different kinds of another message or calling option on the apps menu.
  • Step 7: You can also set the fake call or the fake message in the options available with the app. You can also fix the schedule timing for messages and all. To have a message on a particular time just go to the timing option and enter the time to receive the message.

Now after following the given instruction to set up this app on your device you will not have to worry about getting out of a boring situation. Whenever you feel like boring with a person or in an event just Trigger the sensor of this app and it will give you a call or a message whatever you want. Then you can easily tell the person that you have to leave and you will not get bored any more. You can use this in the social events you don’t want to stay longer with annoying people.

Download Link- Fake Call & Message Application for Android.


How to increase the speed of downloads on Android Devices

If you are an Android user and when you start to browse or download anything with the help of your mobile with its very own connection of data line, then sometimes you will not feel good with the download speed. This is because there are many other processes are also there on your device that can use your bandwidth and it will decrease the download speed of your mobile. If you want to get rid of this and want to download fast on your Android device without any better data plan then you should carefully read this article. You may not feel what is the main download speed of your device because the files you may usually download on your device are smaller.

AndroGet Android App
AndroGet Android App

When you will download a big file on your device then you will get to know the actual real speed of the downloading on your device. So when it comes to the larger files like the movies and all then you will feel the actual speed limit of your device. You may not like it because you haven’t figured out that before in the past. Whenever you download bigger files than its really important to have a fast speed of downloading because you don’t want to waste the battery of your phone to download something. So better speed is equal to better usage of battery and fun with your Android Device.

These are the main steps you will have to follow to enhance the downloading speed on your Android Device.

  • Step 1: First of all you will have to follow the download link of this application which is called AndroGET. This downloading link to download this app is from the Google Play store.
  • Step 2. Now after downloading the install file on your android device you will have to install this app on your Android Based device. To do this just follow the normal instructions given with the app by clicking on it.
  • Step 3. Now after downloading and installing this app on your Android based device you can start this app called AndroGET. After launching the app for the first time on your device just find the Settings Option of this device. After finding the option just click on it.
  • Step 4. In the main settings area of that app to increase download speed you can also set the downloading folder as default. Or you can also customize where to store the files after downloading them.
  • Step 5: You can also set the notifications of the downloads and what number of the downloads you want at a moment. After checking out all services and configuring them you can go for Saving the settings by Clicking on the Save Button.
  • Step 6: This app is basically tested on all of the browsers in Android Phones. You can also press the main downloading link of any file for a long time and then in different options of downloading you can go for Download with AndroGET app.
  • Step 7. When you will select the download option with this app then it will confirm the download order from you. Just confirm this and you will get better speed than ever on your Android Device.

Now after installing the app correctly you will notice that the bigger files are now downloading a bit faster. Well this app will give you better speed than before but not like High Speed because it will totally depend on the Data Plan you have for your mobile device. You can controls the downloads with the help of this app by swiping on the notification bar of this app and then you can stop or pause the downloads directly. After testing this app on my device I got better speed before having this app on my device. The basic download manager on the Android Devices is not really that customizable. So if you really want to download fast on your device then just download and install AndroGET android app on your device.

Download Link- AndroGET Android Application Google Play Store. 

How to enhance security level of applications on Android

There are many Android users are there who like to add more security to their devices. If you are one of these people and want to enhance the level of security on your Android Device then you should follow this article. There are many people around us who can ask for our phone to use for a while. These people can access your private data and they can also look out your private pictures and all. If you want to get rid of this without denying them to give your phone, then you should follow this article and add more security to your phones applications.

Well mainly the basic feature of the security on different types of Android Devices is like adding a lock code on the whole device. Well this will not secure the other stuff on your device. So if you want to add more security then you can easily add a separate lock for each app on your device with the help of an Android Application. This application for Android Users is called the App Lock Application. This application will help you to add more security levels for different apps on your device. The best thing about this app is that it is totally free to download from the Android market. Well this is just great thing to add into your apps list on your device.

These are the steps to enhance the security levels for separate apps on your device.

  • Step 1: Well to install this application on your device go to Google Play Store. And search for App lock application there. Otherwise you can follow that Download Link For App Lock.
  • Step 2: After downloading the app on your Android Device you will have to click on it and then install it by following the normal instructions. Then you can proceed further.
  • Step 3: Now after installing it right you can start the app for the very first time on your Android Device. After starting this app you will be asked to set a lock code for the device.
App Lock Application
App Lock Application
  • Step 4: After setting a lock code to use all applications you will also have to set a security question for future purposes.
  • Step 5: When you are done with setting the question of security you can configure the different apps on your device with the help of this security app. You can add different apps in the menu which you want to access by typing a code.
  • Step 6: Besides locking down the apps with codes you will also have another option with this app. This option is for App Lock application. It’s the main security setting of this app to install or uninstall it. To do this just simply taps on the System Lock Option. Then you will have to ON the Switch in the app. This is to make sure that any other person who will use your device can not disable this app and use other apps without any code.

Well if you have followed all of these options correctly we have mentioned above then you will now surely have a better type of security system on your Android Device. This app is of course free to use and it is for all android devices. If anyone now will ask you for your phone then you can easily give it to them without worrying about the use of personal data because now each folder or app has its very own password. You can add security to the apps you want on your device with the help of App Lock Application.

Download Link- App Lock Android Security Application. 

How to find Android/other unauthorized users on your WiFi Network

There are many computer users now day use WiFi on their home because of the ease of internet access. As most of the people own a laptop and they don’t want some cables to use internet so they are using WiFi Connectivity. Well for most of the users its not really easy to configure the security on their WiFi connection. If you are a security pro than its okay because you can know the number of other users with Android Devices or with other devices using your WiFi connection. If you are getting low speed on WiFi connection then it is because of some other users are stealing your WiFi. There is an app for Windows to monitor the WiFi users on your Network.

Wireless Network Watcher App
Wireless Network Watcher App

Basically all the devices either they are phone or the Tablets they have better WiFi connectivity issues. These device users can easily get into your WiFi connection with their Android Device. So if you don’t want to share your WiFi speed with anyone else then you should check out the app for windows systems called WiFi Watcher. After installing the app on your Windows device when you will check out the users with Android or any other system you can easily block their IP to use the WiFi connection.

These are the steps to find all users on your WiFi Connection using Wireless Network Watcher application for Windows.

  • Step 1: First of all Download the Wireless Network Watcher application for your Windows Computer.
  • Step 2: Now install the app and run it for the first time. In the check box you should allow Windows to open the app automatically when the next time you restart the computer. You should do it when you find the app useful.
  • Step 3: So when you run the app for the first time, you will need to set the alert you option. In the Options go to Beep On New Devices option and check on it. Also check on Background Scan option of this app.
  • Step 4: Now from different options of this app find Start Scanning option. Hit this button and the app will look for the new connections.
Wireless Network Watcher options
Wireless Network Watcher options
  • Step 5: If there will be any wireless device connected to your network then this app will ring the tone you have set before for alerts.

Now you have installed the app on your computer you can check out its other options too. This application called Wireless network watcher will surely give you the details of all wirelessly connected devices to your network like Wireless Printers, cell phones, tablets and all. So you may listen a lot of triggering sounds from the app because of so many devices. If you find any un authorized users on the Network then you can change the password of block the IP of the device. All the devices with different OS will be shown in this device. You can easily detect the Android Device users on your System using the WiFI Watcher App.

Download Link- WiFi Network Watcher Windows App.