How you can decide you should buy any android app or not

There are so many applications are there on the Google Play Store for Android Devices. You will get confuse which app you should buy or not and if the application worth the money you spend on it or not. Well yes we all get this problem when we look for any app to buy. Well there are some tips for you guys we have mentioned in this article. You can read the whole article and if you will follow these tips you will be able to decide better if you should buy an android app or not. Some apps in the Google Play Store will be free and also having a pro version with full features. Well for these apps its not that hard for you to decide whether you buy the full version or not because you have choice to use the free version first and then if you like it you can go for the full version.

These are few tips how you can decide whether you should buy an android app or not for your device from Google Play Store or anywhere else.

  • Feedback – First tip for you Android Smartphone users to buy any app is that you should check out the user feedback about the app you are going to buy. In Google Play Store you will find the user feedback under the Features of this app and the users give ratings to the apps when they like them or not. So user feedback is also a better way to decide you should buy an android app or not. Buy you should make sure that the user reviews are not spams and fake. You will have to be very precise while checking out the user reviews of the apps. There are some companies who pay a lot of amount to some people who can write and submit fake reviews for their apps. So make sure you are reading a trust worthy review and then decide to buy the app.
  • Buy it and try it – Now days Google Play Store for Android Devices allows you to buy an application and let you check it for 15 mins. So in that time you can check the application and if you don’t like it you can get your money back. So this is also a cool option of Play Store. There are some apps are there who require more than 15 mintues to check and all but you should check out the wallpaper and other simple apps in that time after buuying and if you don’t like get your money back from the store. This is surely a best option to check whether you should buy an app or not.
  • Reviews – This is I think the best option to check out if you should buy an app or not. You should search for the reviews of the application or game on the top blogging sites. These sites will tell you the full features of the app and their negative points too. But you will have to be sure that the reviews you read are from famous sites. On cheap blogs you will get paid reviews and this will not help you to determine whether you should buy the app or not. So check out for true reviews only on the famous sites like PlayAndroid and all.
  • Social Media – You can also use social networking sites to ask about the ratings of any android application. You can also interact with your friends to ask about the better apps on Google Play Store and if they have used the app you are going to buy or not. So social media can also help you to determine if you should buy an app in pro version after paying the amount. You can ask questions on Twitter and on Facebook too to check out the real ratings of any app.

So these are the few tips for you guys how you can determine whether you should buy an app or not. You will be able to decide better now after reading this article for sure. Let us know your opinions on this article if we have covered all the points or not.

How to create amazing ringtones for your Android device

If you want to create amazing ringtones for your phone and looking for a better software to do that then Ringtone Maker is surely a better choice because of its features of creating better ringtones for free. Ringtones are basically to personalize your phone with cool sounds. You can make as many as ringtones for a different contact in your list. You can also add these to different alerts options too. Another reason for changing ringtone on your device is that if you are not a fan of the sounds that come with your device and you want to hear something new then you can these types of apps to create better ringtones for the device. This will surely sound better because whenever you get a call from someone special then you can put a different tone for that. If you will set a different tone for a single contact then you will automatically know that who is calling you just by the ringtone and its really very cool. There are many ways to do that but this app surely offers something new interface.

 This app is not a fancy one but it surely helps you to create amazing ringtones for your device for sure. Best thing about this app is that its totally free to use and download. One thing is sure that cool and catchy ringtones are surely a great way to show off your phone to others. The main thing about Ringtone maker is that it surely offers a cool interface to make your own ringtones with the simple steps. You can do it in few steps without any problem. You can also convert these tones into the supporting format of your own device. This app supports music ringtones for all types of devices like iPod Touch, android, iPhone, iPad and all. You can easily download this app from the official site for free and then install it on your computer and then have the fun of creating amazing ringtones with it to set with different contacts and notifications too.

These are the steps to install and use Ringtone maker easily –

  • Step 1: First of all you will need to download this app on your computer. You can do it by going to this—Link. Go to the site and download a copy of this software to your computer.
  • Step 2: Now after downloading the app on your computer just install it by simple instructions given with this application.
  • Step 3: Now after downloading and installing you will need to open this app to go further. Now after opening it just go to a music file you want to convert into a great ringtone and then Drag and Drop it on the interface of this app. Or you can also use the Browse menu to find and open the music file you want.
  • Step 4: Now from that audio file just select the specific area you want for ringtone by adjusting the simple slider on the app screen. After selecting the area of track just click on the Next Button.
  • Step 5: Now you will need to pick up the destination device for this ringtone. Now when you are sure that you have the right song, just hit on the Create Ringtone button and your ringtone will be created and saved where you instructed it to.
  • Step 6: Now as you ringtone is ready you can copy it or move to the storage of your device by connecting it to the computer.

This is how you can use Ringtone maker app on your computer to create amazing ringtones for your device. You can create many ringtones and then save them to your phone to use a different one each week. You can also set them to some special contacts to have the best feeling of them calling you by listening a great track. There are many other options are also there to create ringtones for your phone but this app is really nice because of its interface and all. You don’t have to go through a complicated process. So why don’t you give it a try and create an amazing ringtone for your phone.

How to add the Push to talk to your android device with Voxer app

If you have an android phone or tablet and you want to access the old feature of Walkie-talkies then you can easily do it with an Android Application called Voxer. You will surely miss the days when Walkie-Talkies were the coolest thing to have around the town in your school or surroundings. If you are missing and want to have the fun of Walkie-Talkie again in your life then Voxer app is there to help you. This application is both for iPhone and Android Devices. This application is designed to bring the same features of walkie-talkie to your android or iDevice. So now you will not miss the old days of using the walkie-talkie devices. Now days people use mostly the texting feature of devices to communicate because calling takes a lot of time. Now you can also use the walkie-talkie feature on your device to communicate.

Some times phone calls really can go into a long and time killing conversations. This application will record a voice message from you and then it will send it over a text message. So you will not need to call anyone if you just want to inform about something. You can just use this application to send a voice message and say everything you want without calling them and it will surely take less time. Sometimes people don’t really get time to read the text messages so voice messages will surely help you to get their attention and they will not miss what you want to tell them. This application is available for all types of devices like Android and the iOS devices. To use this application you will need the WiFI or any other type of network connection. There is not any fees to use this application on your device to send a voice message by this application.

These are the steps you will need to follow to use the Voxer app on your device –

  • Step 1: First of all go to the Google Play Store with your Android device and then go to the search bar. In the search bar type Voxer Application and hit the search button. Now you will see Voxer app there to download. Just hit on this app and then choose Download.
  • Step 2: After Downloading the app on your Android Device just install the application by hitting on the app in the download section. Then it will start installation process and you will need to authorize it to use few services of your phone.
  • Step 3: There will be two options of signing up with this app. You can either add your Facebook account to it or you can create a new Voxer account for free.
  • Step 4: Now after creating the account just sign in and then you will need to go to the settings area of this app. Go to settings and Geolocation option of this app. If you don’t want to share your location with someone then just don’t tap on it.
  • Step 5: Now after doing some settings in that area of the app you can directly go to sending message. You will also get a list of your friends whom are already using this application on their device. You can start any conversation with them and add more friends too. If the app doesn’t load any friend list then you will need to add your friends manually.
  • Step 6: Now to send any message just hold the button on the app and then send the message. When the message will be received by the other person a green check will be there on the message.
  • Step 7: Now if you also want to send any picture then you will need to click on the menu button of this app.

So this is how you can use Voxer app on your android device. This is really helpful for the companies with large employees to use the app to send and receive message and to create any short meeting on the go. So why don’t you try out this app on your device and use its features to send or receive messages.


How to Access Instagram on Android easily with quick tips

Instagram is one of the best social sites where you can share your photos with others and add friends. This site really got very famous and Facebook Company bought it for more than a billion dollars. Well If you are new to Instagram then you will not have any info of the quick shortcuts of Instagram with Android Devices. Well we have covered this article to help you how you can access Instagram in a better way with Android Devices. We have covered few quick tips to access Instagram with Android devices in a more better and funny way. We have covered five best tips to access and navigate instagram in a more easy way. With these five tips you can have the best navigating info of Instagram with your Android Device.

Instagram for Android
Instagram for Android

Basically Instagram provides you the ability to take photos and edit them and share it with others. There are more than million people are there in the world are there who use this application and just a very short time. Now as the android app of Instagram got really famous Facebook bought it for more than Billion dollars and the developers of this app seem quite happy with that. The interface of Instagram for Android is pretty simple but without any guide to the interface you will miss the most essential tools of this Android Application. If you will know these shortcuts then your experience with Instagram will surely be improved and you will love it more. So why don’t you check out this article and find out what are the better ways to access Instagram Android app.

These are the five quick tips for you guys to Access Instagram in better way.

  • Tip 1st for Like – Well the first tip for you is to like a photo. Well from the feed of Instagram account of yours if you like a photo then you can just easily double tap on the screen on this photo to like it. Well it’s a more easy way to like a photo then clicking on the particular like button. When you will double tap to like the photo a while heart will pop up on your screen to let you know if it worked or not. Now to unlike any photo you can just double tap on it.
  • Tip 2nd to mention anyone – Now to tag or mention another user of Instagram in the comments or in the captions of photos you can just use @ symbol and then type the name of the user. Now when you will publish that photo on Instagram then this user name will be clickable. It will also notify that person that you have tagged him or her in any photo or in the comment. To reply any users comment on any photo just hold on the user name and you will get option of mention and then you can reply to their comment.
  • Tip 3rd to Use Hash Tags – Well if you are not aware of the hash tag then we would like to tell you that it’s used before a word with the # Symbol. It allows any keyword to be clickable whenever you publish. So to use the Hash Tag with your posts you can just use the # symbol before any word and it will make the word clickable and you will get more visitors to your photos and more followers. The concept of hash tag is pretty same like Twitter.
  • Tip 4th to Edit Photos – Well you will see that some photos on your Instagram Stream are really cool and you don’t know how to edit like these photos with instagram. Well these people have not really just used instagram to edit the photos they have also used some other photo editing apps to create better photos. You can also use other apps on your Android device to make better photos and then publish them on Instagram.
  • Tip 5th to delete any comment or any caption- This is a very important tip for Any Instagram user. You cannot modify any caption of the photo by to remove it you can swipe from right to the left and Delete Button will appear on your Android Device screen and then you can easily delete it. You can also use this tip to delete any unwanted comment on your photos. So this is a nice tip to delete photo comments and captions.

How to Lock and wipe lost Android Phone remotely

Sometimes with the daily busy life you can loose your phone and then you all will worry about the personal files and the contact details on your Android Device. Well there can be many photos of yours with your family and some personal stuffs too that you don’t want to share with others. Then it can be a very painful situation for anyone. Well if you are one of these people who have tendency to loose their phone because of less caring. Then you don’t have to worry about the private data on your Android device. You can easily install an Android App on your device and then whenever you will lose your phone somewhere you can easily lock it with this app and delete all the files on your device. You don’t have to panic anymore to save your private photos from outer world.

Look Out App
Look Out App

If you will have this app on your device then you can easily backup your all contact details and you can also delete the contents on your device so that no one can have access to your private files. Someone can easily misuse your private info and do stuff if they can have your phone. Well to save your private and personal data from the other people who will find your phone when you will lose it you can install this application called LookOut. This app will help you to lock your Android Device and then you can also back up all of the contact details even you can delete the all types of contents on your device too. Well we have found this app really helpful to delete the personal data on the device and we hope you will also like it for sure.

These are the steps to install instant LookOut app on your Android device to make sure your files are safe on your device after you lose it.

  • Step 1: Install the App – First of all take out your Android Device and go to Google Play Store. Then in the search bar type “Lookout” and click on the search button. Then you will find apps there and choose Lookout and install it on your Device. You can also enable the auto updates of this app while installing it.
  • Step 2:Now start this application and go to the Home Page. Then this app will take you to a malware scanner to make sure there are no security threats on your device. Now you will have to click on the Next button and scanning of the malwares and other security threats will happen after that.
  • Step 3: Now You will be asked by this app to create a user account so that you can track your device when it will go missing. In the user account section type your mail address and choose a hard password. Then click on the Create Lookout account button and you can have the access to control your phone whenever it goes missing. You can do it by going to the site
Look Out Options
Look Out Options
  • Step 4: Now click on the Missing Device button on the screen and Choose the new user option. Then you will have to enable the better protection option. Then you will allow this app to use your phone in the admin mode to delete and send to contact details in the future.
  • Step 5: Now lets just think that you have lost your phone and what you have to do now. Well just go to your computer and go to site and then log into your account there. Now click on the Backup tab and this app will store your contacts and it will ask you if you want to store the photos and call records too. You can save around 1.5 GB data on this site and to save the photos you will have to be a Premium User. So this is how you can backup the contacts when your phone goes missing.
  • Step 6: Now to wipe the personal date on the device you can go to the site and go for the option Wipe Data. After clicking on this button your entire phone will be wiped and no one can access your photos and other files.

Well LookOut is surely a very handy and helpful app to locate and delete your files on your Android Device. We would like to say that you should have it on your phone because with this app you will not have to be worry about missing your phone and giving access to your private files to others.

How to Send Photos to your Computer by Bumping your Android on Space Bar

File sharing on computer is easy but if you want to add more fun to it then  you can look for creative applications made by creative developers for you guys. Yes the developers are really coming up with new ideas to share photos to your computer with the more funny thingy. Well one of these developers have came up with a new fresh funny idea to share the photos on your computer using your Android Device by bumping it on the space bar key of your computer key board. Well isn’t it a really cool way to share the photos with your computer using the bump feature. Seriously sharing of photos wasn’t that funny before that. You will surely like this new concept by the developers of applications to share photos with your computers.

Bump Application
Bump Application

Well this application which is more fun sharing photos to computer is called Bump and its free for all type of Android devices including the iOS devices too. That means if you have an iPhone then you can also use this application with your device too. You can just go to the site and download this application on your device and then after installing it on your android device you can have the funny features of sharing files with this application. When you will go for the installation of this application then you will have to approve some authorization asked by this application with your device. When you will confirm it you can easily share photos with your device by bumping it on the space bar key of your computer. And you are surely going to like this new way of sharing files with your computer.

These are the few steps to install this application on your Android device and then share files on your computer by tapping your device on the space bar key.

  • Step 1: Well first of all go to the give download link of this Bump Application with your Android Device and then download it on your Device. – Download Link – Bump App for Android.
  • Step 2: Now after getting it downloaded on your device you will have to install the app on your Android device. Install this app and then start this app for the very first time on your Device. Then after starting it you can add the all contact card details and other stuffs with this application. Then you can swipe on your Device screen on right to go to the photos.
  • Step 3: Now after getting into the photos menu you will find all of the pictures that you currently have on your Android Device.  
  • Step 4: Now from the photos menu select the all pictures you want to send and share with your computer. After selecting the photos just open the browser of your Device to connect to the bump site.
  • Step 5: Now after opening the browser just go to the site and then this site will ask you to give it authority to track your location. Approve it and make sure that your computer and your device are both in the same internet connection otherwise it will create a problem in transferring photos.
Selecting Photos with Bump
Selecting Photos with Bump
  • Step 6: Now after confirming the location all you have to do is just Bump your phone or android device on the space bar key of your computers keyboard. You will have to make sure that the space bar key is pressed or not.
  • Step 7: After hitting the space bar key your phone will ask you to connect both of the devices to share the files and you will have to press yes and connect to the computer.
  • Step 8: After the approval the photos you have selected earlier will start transferring into your computer. So in very short time all the photos you have chosen before will be on your computer too.

So isn’t it a very cool way to transfer all your photos from android device to your computer. If you want to add more fun in sharing the files then you should totally check this application out and its totally free too for Android and iOS devices. You will not have to worry about the rates of this app as its totally free. The sharing of files or photos with this app is really secure because of the HTTPS protocol used by this app.


How to Add the Floating IM Windows to an Android Tablet

Tablet is a surely great option for anyone to have internet access and all other computing features on the go. If you are an owner of any android tablet then you will surely know how beneficial it is to have an android tablet because of so many application supports and all. Any tablet will offer you a lot of the screen real estate to enjoy all types of web related activities. You can chat with your friends and also surf the internet at the same time. But you will find it hard to switch between so many tabs and the apps. For you guys we have came up with an article on how you can add the floating IM windows to any android tablet to have the most fun of chatting and switching windows of chatting and surfing internet.

Sometimes it really gets very hard to switch between different chat windows and the other windows. Now there is an application for Android Tablets called LilyPad HD to make it easier to switch between windows on your Android Tablet. This app will float the chat message windows on the above of all other applications you will be running on your device. So it will be surely easy to concentrate on surfing and using other apps because the chat windows will be on the top of all these apps. You will not have to wait for any notification alert on your device for a new chat message. This will surely and exactly work like GTalk and any other chat client on your computer but the windows of chatting will always be on top unless you minimize then or close them.

These are the steps to enable the floating chat windows on top of all apps –

  • Step 1: First of all go to Google Play Store with your Android Tablet and then go to the search bar. Then you will need to type LilyPad HD in the search bar and then Hit Enter. Then you will see LilyPad HD app there. Download it on your device and let it work.
  • Step 2: After downloading it on your tablet just install by following the simple instructions. Allow it to access network and all.
  • Step 3: Now after the installation you will need to add a chat account with this application. There will be two options there for you to choose. First option will be of GTalk and the second option will be of Facebook. These options are available at the moment others will be added soon by the developers.
  • Step 4: Now you will need to add your account name and then your password with this application with your GTalk or Facebook account so that this application loads your friends list to start the chatting.
  • Step 5: Now in the chat window you can tap on any contact name and the application will open its IM for you and then you can easily start chatting with that person.
  • Step 6: You can also change the screen size of this application and also choose to hide the friend list without closing the app totally.

So after following these steps carefully on your android tablet you will find a floating screen of chat window on your other windows. So this is totally cool because you will not have to switch between chat tabs again and again after getting a notification from your friends and all. This application currently only supports the Facebook chat option with a floating window and Gtalk is the second chat client it supports. The developers will come up with the other chat clients also in the future. So if you are willing to buy this application for any other chat client than GTalk and Facebook then you should wait for some time to developers of this app to come with the supporting clients. And one small tip for you to get the full screen space with this app just hit the Minimize button. Then it will minimize and you will have whole screen to work with your Android Tablet. This application also supports the multiple chatting windows in the Tabbed feature so that you can talk with as much as friends you want.

How to open a site in Desktop Version on Android

Sometimes when you are accessing a website in mobile version on your android device then the site doesn’t really look that great to handle and read out stuff. Then we need to check out it in the desktop version. Well we are here giving you a tip on how you can access a website in desktop version on your Android device. Well for this you will first have to install Google Chrome Beta version on your Android device. If you have already installed and using it from a long time then ignores the few steps we have given in the article to install Google Chrome Beta on an android device. You can just follow the further steps on how you can read a website in the desktop version with Google Chrome Beta on your Android phone or any device.

Chrome For Android
Chrome For Android

Google Chrome is a good browser to surf internet on your mobile phone too. If you have used Google Chrome on PC then you might also want it on your Android Device and for you guys we have covered an article on how you can install and use the incognito version of Google Chrome in the previous articles. Just search in the site and you will find the previous article. There are many other browsers are also there in the market which you can use for surfing on your Android device but Google Chrome Beta version on Android also offer a different version of sites in pure good form. So if you want to access the sites in desktop version just check out the below given steps.

Steps to first install Google Chrome on Android and then access sites in Desktop version on Android.

  • Step 1: To view the sites in Desktop version on Android with Google Chrome you will have to first download and install it. If you already have it on your device then just skip this option and go to further steps. To download this browser go to the download link for Google Chrome Beta for Android.
  • Step 2: Now after downloading it on your device just install it by following the simple instructions given with the browser.
  • Step 3: Now after installing it correctly on your device just run it for the very first time. After running it on your device you will get different options to explore.
  • Step 4: Now go to the search bar and type a URL. Then you will get the site in the mobile version with the Google Chrome Beta on Android.
  • Step 5: Now to view the site in the desktop version just open the Menu button and you will find many options there like open another tab and all.
  • Step 6: Here you will find a button that says Request Desktop Site. There will be a box after this option. Just simply click on the box and then you are good to go.
Request site in Desktop Version
Request site in Desktop Version
  • Step 7: After hitting that button the site you have already opened will start loading in the desktop version. Now the box after Request Desktop Site will be checked and you can check out the site in the desktop version on your Google Chrome beta browser installed on your device.

Well this is how you can simply visit a site in the desktop version on your Android device with Google Chrome Beta version. There are few sites whose mobile version is not really that good then this technique can really help you to check out the sites in the full desktop version. Now when you have read the data on the site and want to go in the back with the mobile version. Just go to the menu button and hit it. Then find the Request Desktop Site and un check the box after it. Then the site will reload again in the mobile version.

How to get better notifications on android phones without LEDs

There are many Android phones are coming into the market without any Notification alert light. So this can be a problem for Android Device users who want to have a Notification light whenever they get any notification like email or call or text message. For these mobiles we have discovered a few better ways to get the light style notification options. We have reviewed three best applications that allow you to receive better alerts with android phones that don’t have any LED Light with them. One of these options we will tell you here is NoLED application which we have reviewed in our old article to set up and LED light notification to Android Devices without LED Lights.

If you are one of these android phone users then you can read the article and choose a better option for LED light notification on your Device. We are sure that you will like the options we are telling you in this article. Sometimes checking out your phone in every 10 minutes just to check that you have any notification or not can be very painful. So with all these options we are telling here you will not have to check your phone again and again to get the notifications because these options are really great. These applications will help you to choose a better notification option on your android phone.

These are the few applications we are going to mention in this article which will help you to get better Style notifications on your phone and you can replace them with the old style alerts.

  • ViBE Application – This application is one of the best on Google Play Store to install on an Android Phone without any LED light indicator. You can use this application on your phone if you don’t have any LED light on your device. This application will basically vibrate your phone whenever you will receive any alert. There are twelve different vibration patterns are there to choose from with this android application. You can adjust a different vibration alert for different group of people. That means if you will assign a different alert of vibration with your co workers then this app will vibrate your phone with different vibration and with family numbers you will receive different vibration alert. So Vibe is great option for phones without LED lights.
Vibe App
Vibe App

Download Link – Vibe Application.


  • NoLED Application – This is also a great app to receive better alerts on phone without LEDs. It will also give you more benefits like this application can save a lot of battery of your device because you can set the brightness of the LED blinking and the notifications. So it will be surely a battery saver application for your Android Device. You can also configure this application not to show any alert at the specific time of a day. That means when you are sleeping you can set the timings with the app so it will not show any alert and kill your battery. You can also add audio to remind you that you have missed any alert or not. So this application is surely a great app that let you enjoy LED light alert on your android device.


NoLED application
NoLED application

Download Link – NoLED application.


  • PopUp Notifier Application – This application is quite great to have on phones without LED light. This application will notify you with a small pop up on your device screen. Developers of this application have created a few better themes with this application. You can choose these window style popup themes to make a better notification type on your device. This application have two versions. First version is free and you will only get Pop up notifier with this application. You will not get other features of this application in the free version. In the pro version you will also get more benefits like, the exclusive themes of this application, you will get timeout settings of pop ups. You can get extra bells and other with the pro version of this application.
Pop Up notifier App
Pop Up notifier App

Download Link – Popup Notifier.


We this is how you can get more better notifications on android devices that don’t have any LED light indicator for notifications. You can also look for more application on Google Play store with this type of options like we have mentioned in these 3 apps.

How to Get LED Style Alerts on Android Device

If you are an android user and you are bored of your old type notifications whenever a message or call arrives, then you can certainly install an android application and then you can have better alerts on your android phone. You will not really get bored with these notifications because this app called NoLED for Android Devices. This application will remove your old notification settings and will let you enjoy the better alerts on your Android device. There are so many android phones still don’t have any type of LED light indicator that can display colourful alerts whenever you receive an email or a message. So for those people who have without LED light android phones NoLED can be pretty great application to install.

NoLED application
NoLED application

This application is pretty handy and you will surely love to check it out because of its lots of other features. This application will alert you with a small LED light icon or dot type indicator on your Android Device screen. So whenever you will receive a notification or a text message while your phone is on the locked mode, you will get better alerts with the help of this application. There is one problem with this application you should not use it on the devices that have SLCD screen because it is not really that battery friendly on these types of devices. Otherwise you can use it on any type of android device. This will be a perfect choice for AMOLED screen android devices.

These are the steps to install NoLED on your device and get better alerts.

  • Step 1: First of all go to Google Play store and in the search bar type NoLED and hit the button. Then look for NoLED Application and download it on your device. Otherwise you can also follow this link – Download NoLED.
  • Step 2: Now after downloading this application on your device just simply install it and we think you will not have any problem with that.
  • Step 3: Now enable NoLED on your device and long press on the home screen and go to Widgets. Then go to NoLED and check the box that says “Switch NoLED”.
NoLED Options
NoLED Options
  • Step 4: Now you will have to customize the settings of this application with the colour notifications and icons. Go to the main menu and you will find so many options to explore there. You can choose what type of notification you want to receive and the size of LED blinking.
  • Step 5: If you want to do some advance settings like you want to add a different colour for different notifications, like whenever a phone call comes you want to add red LED and for message you want Green. You can simply do that by going into the Colours option.
  • Step 6: Now whenever you will receive any alert your phone screen will be showing a LED light for different notification.

This is how you can enable this application on your device and enjoy the more benefits of this application. You will surely not get bored with the old style alert options on your Android Device. You will have LED blinking alerts now. This application offers so many other things too. We have mentioned other benefits of this application below, you must check out them too.

Other features of NoLED Application for Android –

  • Battery Saving feature of NoLED – This application can save a lot of battery of your device because you can set the brightness of the LED blinking and the notifications. So it will be surely a battery saver application for your Android Device.
  • Sleep Times alert – You can also configure this application not to show any alert at the specific time of a day. That means when you are sleeping you can set the timings with the app so it will not show any alert and kill your battery.
  •  Audio reminder option – You can also add audio to remind you that you have missed any alert or not. So this application is surely a great app that let you enjoy LED light alert on your android device.