How to get better notifications on android phones without LEDs

There are many Android phones are coming into the market without any Notification alert light. So this can be a problem for Android Device users who want to have a Notification light whenever they get any notification like email or call or text message. For these mobiles we have discovered a few better ways to get the light style notification options. We have reviewed three best applications that allow you to receive better alerts with android phones that don’t have any LED Light with them. One of these options we will tell you here is NoLED application which we have reviewed in our old article to set up and LED light notification to Android Devices without LED Lights.

If you are one of these android phone users then you can read the article and choose a better option for LED light notification on your Device. We are sure that you will like the options we are telling you in this article. Sometimes checking out your phone in every 10 minutes just to check that you have any notification or not can be very painful. So with all these options we are telling here you will not have to check your phone again and again to get the notifications because these options are really great. These applications will help you to choose a better notification option on your android phone.

These are the few applications we are going to mention in this article which will help you to get better Style notifications on your phone and you can replace them with the old style alerts.

  • ViBE Application – This application is one of the best on Google Play Store to install on an Android Phone without any LED light indicator. You can use this application on your phone if you don’t have any LED light on your device. This application will basically vibrate your phone whenever you will receive any alert. There are twelve different vibration patterns are there to choose from with this android application. You can adjust a different vibration alert for different group of people. That means if you will assign a different alert of vibration with your co workers then this app will vibrate your phone with different vibration and with family numbers you will receive different vibration alert. So Vibe is great option for phones without LED lights.
Vibe App
Vibe App

Download Link – Vibe Application.


  • NoLED Application – This is also a great app to receive better alerts on phone without LEDs. It will also give you more benefits like this application can save a lot of battery of your device because you can set the brightness of the LED blinking and the notifications. So it will be surely a battery saver application for your Android Device. You can also configure this application not to show any alert at the specific time of a day. That means when you are sleeping you can set the timings with the app so it will not show any alert and kill your battery. You can also add audio to remind you that you have missed any alert or not. So this application is surely a great app that let you enjoy LED light alert on your android device.


NoLED application
NoLED application

Download Link – NoLED application.


  • PopUp Notifier Application – This application is quite great to have on phones without LED light. This application will notify you with a small pop up on your device screen. Developers of this application have created a few better themes with this application. You can choose these window style popup themes to make a better notification type on your device. This application have two versions. First version is free and you will only get Pop up notifier with this application. You will not get other features of this application in the free version. In the pro version you will also get more benefits like, the exclusive themes of this application, you will get timeout settings of pop ups. You can get extra bells and other with the pro version of this application.
Pop Up notifier App
Pop Up notifier App

Download Link – Popup Notifier.


We this is how you can get more better notifications on android devices that don’t have any LED light indicator for notifications. You can also look for more application on Google Play store with this type of options like we have mentioned in these 3 apps.

How To Change Any Photo Into Beautiful Word Art [ WordCam App Review]

You own an Android Smartphone and sometimes you feel very creative and don’t have anything to do that, then at those times WordCam application for android devices can help you create better pictures with nice creativity. This application will let you change any photo into a creative word art. You can upload the picture to show your friends and grab attention. There are so many applications are there on google play store for Android devices but they all are kind of same. Some of them will allow you to crop and adjust brightness a little bit but this application actually let you create something unique.

WordCam Android Application
WordCam Android Application

These are the steps to change any normal photo into an amazing word art with WordCam application.

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play store and search for WordCam application there. You will get two different links to its free and pro version. At starting just go for the free version, we have mentioned the special features of Pro version below the steps.
  • Step 2: Now after downloading the free version of this application just install it on your Android device.
  • Step 3: Now run this application and you will get option of selecting the picture. You can either go to your Gallery on your phone to select a picture or you can just take a new one using your camera.
  • Step 4: If you will select the gallery option then it will show you all photos you have on your device to let you choose one of them. Now after selecting the picture you want to turn into word art go further.
  • Step 5: Now this application will turn the photo you selected into word art, you can also add your own words to the picture but this is only available in the pro version.
  • Step 6: You can select the tuning of the word art on any picture by scrolling the button from left to right.

This is how you can create beautiful word art with any picture you want. The free version of this application will let you try the photos but the special features of this application like Adding new Fonts and words to the picture is only available in the pro version.

Created Photo
Created Photo

Now if you have the pro version installed on your Device Follow these instructions.

  • Step 1: Now select the picture from the gallery or just take a new one.
  • Step 2: If you want to add more words and fonts to the picture, just go to the Words Option on the top of your device. Now you can clear all the previous words came with the application and add your own new words.
  • Step 3: After adding different words you can adjust other settings also like Fonts from the main menu. In the menu select fonts and you will have so many fonts to select and apply on the pictures. Select the one you love most and you are good to go.
  • Step 4: Now head back to the picture and apply the word art. You can select the tuning of picture and adjust the word size.
  • Step 5: To share the final creation you have created with this application, just tap on the share button.

So now finally you have an application to take different types of photos of different objects and turn them into some sort of art. So why don’t you go and try out this application on your Android Device.

Direct Download Links-  WordCam Free Version |||| WordCam Pro Version.