How to install the Galaxy S3’s S – Voice feature on any Android

Samsung has sold so many mobile devices in the past few months because of android features and all. Well now as you know the most awaited Android phone from Samsung called Galaxy S3 is out in the market and its having some unique features. Its one of the special features is the S-Voice. Well now you can be happy even if you are not having Galaxy S3 but still you can have S-Voice on your android device too. There are some brilliant android developers are out there who have ported the S-Voice features for other android devices too. Well Samsung has not released this application for other android devices in the market but few developers extracted it from the Galaxy S3 and made it available for other Android devices too. Well if you are thinking how it will be possible to get it on your device, then please don’t worry just follow this article and you will not get any problem having S-Voice on your android device. You just have to install the APK file of this app on your android device and you are good to go.

Well at this moment there is no official version of S-Voice is there on the Google Play store so that you can go there and simply download and install it on your device. So you will need to go to the given link in the step 1 and then you will need to copy the file on your device to install the app on your android device. And we think Samsung is not going to release this app in the short time officially and it will take few more months when Samsung will come up with the official version of this app for all other android devices in the market and it will be a great step from Samsung for other phone users.

How to Install the Galaxy S3’s S-Voice feature on other android devices –

  • Step 1: Well to install S Voice on your device you will first need to download the APK file of this app from this — Link. This package is the size of 26.7 MB. So save this file on your computer in any folder from which its pretty accessible.
  • Step 2: Now you will need to extract this file to get the “Voicetalk.apk” file to install this application on your android device.
  • Step 3: Now you will need to connect your Android Device to your computer and you will have to wait until its drivers and all are detected by your computer.
  • Step 4: Now when the phone is detected by your computer you will need to Copy the Voicetalk.apk file on your phone’s memory card. And after copying the file on your device just simply disconnect it from your computer.
  • Step 5: Now on your device navigate to the location of your memory card where the file is placed and just simply tap on it. Now this app will start installing and you just need to simply follow the on screen simple instructions to install it.
  • Step 6: Now when you will follow all the on screen instructions by this app on your device the installation process will be finished. Now after the installation this app will prompt you to Accept its agreement and the terms of the services. So you will need to accept them for sure if you want to use the application.
  • Step 7: Now after accepting the terms and the conditions of this app you will get a quick guide of this application for how to use it. You can skip it too if you don’t want to read it. But if you really want to learn about how to operate the app then you should totally read the intro and guide of this app.
  • Step 8: Now when you are done with all of these things then you can easily launch this application on your android device and you can use its amazing features. It works kind of like the Apple’s Siri application for iPhone devices.

So this is how you can install this app on your android devices and have fun with it. It will work on any type of android devices but there are few users who have complained that they cant really install the app on their android devices because of some parse error or something like that. Well the developers of the un official app are still working to fix some bugs and all related to this app so you might have to wait for some time to get the app on your device after the bugs are fixed.

How to use Viggle Android application and get rewarded for watching TV Shows

Don’t you like when someone rewards you for something because you did something. Then we think you will surely like to get rewarded for watching TV also. There is an application for android and its called Viggle. This application will reward you with some points for the shows you will watch on TV. So why don’t you get rewarded for watching TV Shows at your home. This app will let you check in for the TV shows you watch at the moment and will reward you points for that. This application kind of works like the music application Shazam. Viggle app will listen the sound of your TV show and then compare the voice of the characters with its data base and then will check you in with that particular TV show and then will reward you with watching that TV show. So this application is really cool because you actually get rewarded watching TV show and you never got that before.

Viggle app is kind of like the Shazam app which is for music. If you have not heard about Shazam then we would like to say that this is one of the most amazing Android app out there and you must try it out on your Android Device. So Viggle is the same thing with watching TV shows at your home. This app will first identify what TV show you are actually watching and then it will check you in with that show and you will be rewarded with some points. Values of these points you will get will be different for different shows. If there will be a featured show of this application which you will watch on your TV then it will reward you more for that. Well there will be one thing in your mind that what you can actually do with these points. Well the thingy is that you can actually exchange these points with some gift cards. For an example you can exchange them with Barnes & Noble on iTunes or other gadgets like iPod Touch and all.

These are the steps to install Viggle on your Device and the get rewarded –

  • Step 1: This application is currently in the beta version so you can get some bugs while using it. Well first of all go to this site – Now from this site download the application for your Android device. Now after downloading it on your device also install it. Then you will be asked to sign up an account with that app and its really necessary to do that.
  • Step 2: After signing up with the app you will need to enter your cable provider in the app and also the Zip code of your area. This is really important so that this app can show you what shows are available for rewards in your area. And what shows are in its data base to recognize.
  • Step 3: Now when you start to watch a TV show on your TV then just open this app and click on the Check In Tab. And then just simply touch on the Viggle App logo. Now this app will start recognizing the show you are watching. When it will be done identifying the show there will be a point value pop up on your screen. Now this is how you will need to do every time when you will watch a show to get points from the app.
  • Step 4: You can also set alarm for new episodes of your favourite TV Shows with the app. So you will be notified every time there will be a new show to watch and get point.

So this is how you can install Viggle android application on your device and then get points for watching the TV shows. Well we would like to say that this app is currently in its beta version and it can have some bugs. So whenever you get a bug just report it to the developers and they will improve it. So Viggle is surely one of the best apps you must have on your device because there is a certain time in our day when we watch TV shows, so why don’t just get rewarded for that.

How to use your Android Device as a PC Controller

Some times when you are watching a movie and you don’t want to use your computer keyboard, mouse and all to do stuff while watching the movie then there is a solution for all of these problems. If you are an android device user than you can easily use your phone or tablet to control your PC and do a lot of stuffs. There is an android application that will allow you to use your android device to control your PC and do more stuffs. This application is called Unified Remote and it will give you this ability of controlling the PC with your Android Device. With the help of this application you can use your Android phone and change music, use it as a keyboard, use it as a mouse and all, so it’s a pretty amazing android application on the Google Play Store yet. You will surely find it pretty handy and its pretty awesome because of its features and all.

If you are having a big screen LCD for your computer and you are relaxing on a couch watching a movie and if you want to use your android device as a PC controller then just install this app on your device. The interface of this app is pretty good and you will definitely love its features. The main challenge for the developers of this app was to come up with a very reliable solution that should allow you to control the PC with your android device in easy way. With the help of this app on your android device you can also type anything using the keyboard of the device and it will feel like you are doing with the real keyboard of your computer. It has so many features including the Quick launch button that will allow you to start the Start menu and controlling of play back and all things.

These are the steps to install Unified Remote application on your Android Device and then control your PC using the app easily –

  • Step 1: First of all you will need to install the Unified Remote Server on your computer that you want to control using your Android Device. You can do it by going to the site – .
  • Step 2: Now go to the Google Play Store using your Android device and hit the search bar and type Unified Remote and click on search button. Now download and install this app on your device.
  • Step 3: Now you will need to connect your Android device to the same WiFi network in which your computer is also connected and its really important otherwise the app will not work. Start the app and pair your device with the computer using the Bluetooth.
  • Step 4: After starting the app add a new server and then click on the automatic button. This application will find your PC and after finding tap on its name to connect with it.
  • Step 5: Now you are ready to control your computer using your Android Device. Now find the Remotes icon in the app and tap on it. Now you will see a basic remote option and you can use your device as a mouse for your computer. This app will also give you instructions how you can use device for controlling the mouse. To use as a keyboard just hit on the menu button on your phone.

So this is how you can use your android device to control your computer using this application. The process is pretty simple but make sure to install a Unified Remote Server on your computer.

These are the other features of this application –

  • File Manager – You can easily browser and open all files of your computer using this application for your device.
  • Media option – You can control any local media with that application like Pause, Skip and Play options.
  • Power and Start Button – You can also launch the Start Button on your computer with the device. You can also Shutdown, Hibernate, restart your computer using this application.
  • Controlling YouTube – This app will also allow you to control the main playback of the YouTube videos with its interface. So it’s a pretty amazing application for Android Devices to control the PC using devices.

How you can decide you should buy any android app or not

There are so many applications are there on the Google Play Store for Android Devices. You will get confuse which app you should buy or not and if the application worth the money you spend on it or not. Well yes we all get this problem when we look for any app to buy. Well there are some tips for you guys we have mentioned in this article. You can read the whole article and if you will follow these tips you will be able to decide better if you should buy an android app or not. Some apps in the Google Play Store will be free and also having a pro version with full features. Well for these apps its not that hard for you to decide whether you buy the full version or not because you have choice to use the free version first and then if you like it you can go for the full version.

These are few tips how you can decide whether you should buy an android app or not for your device from Google Play Store or anywhere else.

  • Feedback – First tip for you Android Smartphone users to buy any app is that you should check out the user feedback about the app you are going to buy. In Google Play Store you will find the user feedback under the Features of this app and the users give ratings to the apps when they like them or not. So user feedback is also a better way to decide you should buy an android app or not. Buy you should make sure that the user reviews are not spams and fake. You will have to be very precise while checking out the user reviews of the apps. There are some companies who pay a lot of amount to some people who can write and submit fake reviews for their apps. So make sure you are reading a trust worthy review and then decide to buy the app.
  • Buy it and try it – Now days Google Play Store for Android Devices allows you to buy an application and let you check it for 15 mins. So in that time you can check the application and if you don’t like it you can get your money back. So this is also a cool option of Play Store. There are some apps are there who require more than 15 mintues to check and all but you should check out the wallpaper and other simple apps in that time after buuying and if you don’t like get your money back from the store. This is surely a best option to check whether you should buy an app or not.
  • Reviews – This is I think the best option to check out if you should buy an app or not. You should search for the reviews of the application or game on the top blogging sites. These sites will tell you the full features of the app and their negative points too. But you will have to be sure that the reviews you read are from famous sites. On cheap blogs you will get paid reviews and this will not help you to determine whether you should buy the app or not. So check out for true reviews only on the famous sites like PlayAndroid and all.
  • Social Media – You can also use social networking sites to ask about the ratings of any android application. You can also interact with your friends to ask about the better apps on Google Play Store and if they have used the app you are going to buy or not. So social media can also help you to determine if you should buy an app in pro version after paying the amount. You can ask questions on Twitter and on Facebook too to check out the real ratings of any app.

So these are the few tips for you guys how you can determine whether you should buy an app or not. You will be able to decide better now after reading this article for sure. Let us know your opinions on this article if we have covered all the points or not.

How to create amazing ringtones for your Android device

If you want to create amazing ringtones for your phone and looking for a better software to do that then Ringtone Maker is surely a better choice because of its features of creating better ringtones for free. Ringtones are basically to personalize your phone with cool sounds. You can make as many as ringtones for a different contact in your list. You can also add these to different alerts options too. Another reason for changing ringtone on your device is that if you are not a fan of the sounds that come with your device and you want to hear something new then you can these types of apps to create better ringtones for the device. This will surely sound better because whenever you get a call from someone special then you can put a different tone for that. If you will set a different tone for a single contact then you will automatically know that who is calling you just by the ringtone and its really very cool. There are many ways to do that but this app surely offers something new interface.

 This app is not a fancy one but it surely helps you to create amazing ringtones for your device for sure. Best thing about this app is that its totally free to use and download. One thing is sure that cool and catchy ringtones are surely a great way to show off your phone to others. The main thing about Ringtone maker is that it surely offers a cool interface to make your own ringtones with the simple steps. You can do it in few steps without any problem. You can also convert these tones into the supporting format of your own device. This app supports music ringtones for all types of devices like iPod Touch, android, iPhone, iPad and all. You can easily download this app from the official site for free and then install it on your computer and then have the fun of creating amazing ringtones with it to set with different contacts and notifications too.

These are the steps to install and use Ringtone maker easily –

  • Step 1: First of all you will need to download this app on your computer. You can do it by going to this—Link. Go to the site and download a copy of this software to your computer.
  • Step 2: Now after downloading the app on your computer just install it by simple instructions given with this application.
  • Step 3: Now after downloading and installing you will need to open this app to go further. Now after opening it just go to a music file you want to convert into a great ringtone and then Drag and Drop it on the interface of this app. Or you can also use the Browse menu to find and open the music file you want.
  • Step 4: Now from that audio file just select the specific area you want for ringtone by adjusting the simple slider on the app screen. After selecting the area of track just click on the Next Button.
  • Step 5: Now you will need to pick up the destination device for this ringtone. Now when you are sure that you have the right song, just hit on the Create Ringtone button and your ringtone will be created and saved where you instructed it to.
  • Step 6: Now as you ringtone is ready you can copy it or move to the storage of your device by connecting it to the computer.

This is how you can use Ringtone maker app on your computer to create amazing ringtones for your device. You can create many ringtones and then save them to your phone to use a different one each week. You can also set them to some special contacts to have the best feeling of them calling you by listening a great track. There are many other options are also there to create ringtones for your phone but this app is really nice because of its interface and all. You don’t have to go through a complicated process. So why don’t you give it a try and create an amazing ringtone for your phone.

How to keep track of things you buy daily with Android

There are many people who are really busy and they don’t get enough time to count their daily budget they spent on different items. If you are one of them and you cant really figure out how to keep track of things you buy daily and their prices then there is an android application to help you out. You can easily manage all your receipts with this application whatever you buy with it. This application is called Lemon and it can be downloaded and installed on Android Devices and then you can save your daily reports of all things you buy with this application. You will have to just simply capture the image of the receipt of everything you buy daily with this application and then you can easily monitor your expenses daily.

Lemon App
Lemon App

This is really difficult in our daily life to keep the track of all the things we buy. It can be really difficult for you to manage all expenses daily without any record of what you bought last month and how much you have left to buy new stuff. The main problem is with the size receipt of things you buy. When you buy at some local store then you will get a different kind of receipt and when you will buy at a mall then you will get a different kind of receipt. So if you want to put these receipt to check out later you will have to put them in different size boxes. Otherwise you can lose them. So with this application for android you will not have to worry about it. You can easily just put these receipts in the photos with this application and then it will also tell you how much you spend daily.

These are the steps to enable this application on android and keep track of your receipts.

  • Step 1: First of all you will need to install this application on your Android device. You can follow this link to download Lemon application. – Download Lemon for Android.
  • Step 2: Now after downloading this application on your device just install it by following the simple procedure for installing.
  • Step 3: Now you will need to create an Account on Lemon site. Just go to the application and go to create account and then you will receive a new email in your account that your Lemon Account is created.
  • Step 4: Now after creating a free account with this application just log in and you are ready to go further.
Lemon Options
Lemon Options
  • Step 5: On the top right corner of this application screen look for the camera button. Click on this button and then you can take photo of your first receipt with this application. There will be a box by this application to help you take a better photo of the receipt.

So this is how you can add your receipts to lemon application to review later. You will not get frustrated on how to manage all of these receipts again. You will have to shoot the photos of the receipts in a good light area so that you can check them out later. If you will shoot in darker places you will get problem reading them later. Lemon also offers other services too like you can check your email accounts on the site too. You can manage your all expenses of the whole month  by using several methods like Android phone, computer and all. To add more and more receipts to your Lemon account just follow the step 5 given in this tutorial. You will surely like this application.