How to Update Galaxy S2 SkyRocket with Android 4.0 AOKP Firmware

If you are an owner of Samsung Galaxy S2 SkyRocket phone than you can be really happy that new Android Open Kang Project ROM which is based on the Ice Cream Sandwich android 4.0 Firmware is released and now you can update your phone with it. One of the most successful devices by Samsung is Skyrocket and there are many people are there who uses this. Well if you want to update this device with the new firmware than you should totally check out this article and you will not get any problem updating your device with the latest firmware. Well the new firmware called AOKP will give you new features to enjoy on your Android devices. The article we have written here is to help you to update your phone with the latest firmware without any single problem. Well before you actually start updating your device with the latest firmware you should also check out the pre requisites for your update process.

Pre Requisites you have to follow before you start updating your phone –

  • First of all you will have to make sure that you have the back up of your all important type of data on your device. You should back up all of the contact details and the other type of data on your phone with the back up setting of the phone by connecting it to the computer.
  • Now second thing you need is the battery. Make sure that you have charged your Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket at least 80% because some times rooting process can take more time and it will consume more battery and you don’t want to hang up in middle then just charge it full.
  • Now start your phone and go to the USB Debug Mode. You can do it by going to the Settings and then to Development and then find out it and Enable it by clicking on it.
  • Now on your computer turn off all types of security programs because all these anti virus and other programs can create some type of problem in the Rooting Process of your Phone.

How to update your phone with AOKP Firmware –

These are the steps you will need to follow to update your phone with the latest firmware.

  • Step 1: Well first of all you will need to download the three different files on your computer. First file is the AOKP ICS package to update the phone, Google Apps, and the Super Wipe File called DarkSide.
  • Step 2: Now you will need to connect your Android Phone with your computer and then you will have to copy all of these three files to your computer from your android device.
  • Step 3: Now after having these three files on your computer you are ready to go for the next steps of the update process. Disconnect your android device from your computer and switch it off and then you are ready for the Download Mode.
  • Step 4: Now you will need to put your android phone in the Download Mode and you can do it simply by holding the Volume UP button and then Volume Down and finally Power Button. So this is how your phone will go into the Download Mode. If your phone do not go into that mode than you will have to do that process again and again.
  • Step 5: Now when you are in the Download Mode on your Android Device you will have to Choose Wipe Data/Factory reset after Wipe Cache partition option and it will clear every thing on your android device. So make sure you have back up of everything on your device.
  • Step 6: Now in the Recovery Mode of your Device you will need to select the zip file from the SD card and then go through the internal memory of your device and look for the AOKP package. Then you will need to do the same thing with the Google Apps and the Dark Side Super User Wipe file.
  • Step 7: Now when the update process of your phone starts do not do anything that interrupts your update process of your device. So you will have to wait un till your device again goes in to the Recovery Mode after the update.
  • Step 7: Now when your phone is in the Recovery Mode again you will have to Select the button Reboot System Now. So this is how your phone will be restarted again with the latest firmware.

So if you will follow all of these steps care fully than you will be able to update your phone with the latest AOKP latest firmware in your Android Device. Make sure you follow all the steps perfectly. So if you get any problem with it then just leave the comment below.

How you can unlock the boot loader of HTC One X Phone

HTC One X smart phone is surely one of the best phones available in the market. If you are owner of HTC One X and want to know how you can unlock the boot loader of this phone then you can follow this article. We have created few simple steps for you guys to easily unlock the boot loader of HTC One X smart phone. This phone is surely equipped with lots of features we want you to use every one of them. Unlocking of boot loader will allow you to do so many stuffs that the original device misses. HTC One X have the features that are present in the high priced smart phones and you can still use them if you know how to unlock the boot loader of this device.

Important Instruction before unlocking the boot loader of HTC One X phone –

First thing is that when you will unlock the boot loader of HTC One X, you will lose its warranty and the all data saved on the phone. The pre requisites for you to do before starting the un locking process are mentioned here. First of all connect your phone to a computer and import all of your data on the phone to the computer. This is the first basic thing if you don’t want to lose the important data on your device. The second thing is that you should check if the HTC Sync software is installed on your computer or not. If this is not installed then you should go to HTC site and download it from there. Also make sure that the battery of your device is around 70 % because if the battery is low then it can create problem in the unlocking process.

Main Steps to unlock HTC One X boot loader –

  • Step 1 : First of all make sure that HTC Sync software is installed on your computer and all necessary Drivers are also installed on your computer.
  • Step 2: Now follow this link and download the Fast Boot Zip Package. [ Download Link Fast Boot Package ]
  • Step 3 : Now After downloading that file just save it on the computer and you should also extract the zip file to any location on computer.
  • Step 4 : Now you will have to visit HTC official Page – Click here . Now just go to accounts section on the site and create an account there. After creating the account log in there and then follow this – link.
  • Step 5: Now from the list of devices on this page just select all other supported devices and then click on the Begin Unlock Bootloader  and then on the warning message just click Yes.
  • Step 6: Now you will get unlocking instructions on the screen, just follow all these instructions and then you can turn off your Device.
  • Step 7 : Now Press Volume  Down key and the power key to go into the Bootloader mode. Now in this mode select FastBoot and now connect your phone to the Computer using the USB.
  • Step 8: Now Go to Start Button on your Computer and then go to Command Prompt if you are using Windows, otherwise just open the Command Prompt on any other OS. Now go to the directory or folder where you have saved the FastBoot File.
  • Step 9 : Now in the Command Prompt Type ‘fastboot oem get_identifier_token’ and then you will get a Token ID. Just copy that ID and save it.
  • Step 10: Now go again to this – Link and Submit that Token ID there. Now you will be given a file named as Unlock which will go to your email address. Just go to your mail and save this file in the Fastboot Package Folder.
  • Step 11: Now go again to Command Prompt and type ‘fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin’ then click on enter and then on the Yes and then you can press the power button on your device to confirm it.
  • Step 12: Now your phone will reboot and then to check if the phone is unlocked just go to bootloader mode again and check if on the top of screen it says Unlocked.

Well the process of booting is quite big but its simple just follow the given instructions. I hope you guys like it and please leave any comment if you get any problem.


How you can change docked icons of Samsung TouchWiz Phone

Samsung have came up with lots of devices based on Android OS and quite successfully sold so many of them. Samsung TouchWiz is one of the best mobile phone available in the market for sure. If you are an owner of TouchWiz then you will know what are the basic features of this device and why its so cool and all. Sometimes you guys will be bored using your device because of the docked icon on the screen. If you are not really familiar with the device then you will get so many short cuts of apps and all in the dock area which you really don’t use. So to add some important icons there you will need to follow this article. By following this article as we have instructed you will be able to remove all of the unwanted apps in the dock area and the ones you want to access on the go with your device.

Dock area of any phone is really handy when you urgently need to access any app or something like that. So if you have the dock area as it came up with the phone then you will get some unwanted apps in that area which you really have not touched in so many weeks. So now when you will need any quick access to any app then you will see some un wanted apps in the dock are and you will not like that. Now you can add the important apps you use of your device in the dock area by following this article. Adding of apps in the dock are is not really easy because its hidden somewhere in the app drawer of your device. So you will not know how you can do it unless you follow this article or unless you are a geeky gadget user.

These are the steps to change the docked icon of Samsung TouchWiz Smartphone for Quick access to the apps you use the most –

  • Step 1: First of all start your device and find the App Drawer and click on it.
  • Step 2: Now on your device look for the menu button and click on it.
  • Step 3: Now there will be options like Edit, View Type, Share app and all. You will need to click on View Type to go further in changing the docked icons.
  • Step 4: Now in the view type option there will be three more options like , Customizable Grid, Alphabetical Grid and Alphabetical Grid. You will need to click on Customizable Grid from these options.
  • Step 5: Now you will need to press the menu button again on your device and then choose Edit option this time instead of View Type.
  • Step 6: Now you will see the docked bar in the bottom. You can click on the items in the dock area and then you can remove them or you can also add some of your choices by dragging them to the bottom in the Dock Area.
  • Step 7: Now when you are done removing the un wanted apps from this list which you don’t really use much and have added the new apps in the dock area then click on Menu Button and then click on the save button. Now you will see the new apps or the shortcuts in the docked area of your device and can access any of these apps and all at any time you want without indulging with any other shortcut you don’t like.

This is how you can add the new buttons in the docked area of your Samsung TouchWiz. This is really helpful to access the important apps on the go from the docked area. In the dock area of the device there is one thing that you can not remove. It is the Home Button and you cant remove it because its preloaded there and will stay there forever. Now if you want to go back to the old look then just follow the steps 1 to steps 4 and then in the options choose the Alphabetical Grid or the List View. Now there will be no apps in the dock bar which you don’t really use.

[Image Source – CNET ]

How to get Directions to your favourite places with QuickMaps App for Android

Sometimes its really hard to find a place even if its near our area because of lots of misunderstanding of the ways and all. Then we all use Google Maps from our computers to find the way to these places. But when it comes to mobiles and other devices then its pretty hard to get directions with the Google Map. Then we all look for a better alternative to know about the directions of certain places. Then for you guys there is an Android Application called QuickMaps. This app will help you to find out the directions of your favourite places around you. Seriously guys getting the directions of our favourite places has been never that easier before. Sometimes it can be really hard because of typing of the right spot name you are searching for.

This application for Android named as QuickMaps will let you Pre Enter the destinations you like and will give you the directions to these places with only single swipe. So if you are tired of searching for directions with Google Maps then you can go for this app because its pretty easy to find the directions of your favourite places with the help of this application for android. Interface of this app for Android is pretty good. There are four ways to get directions to your places like by public transport, by walking, by Bicycle and by car. So from these many ways you can choose the one you want to go with and get the directions from this app to your favourite places. Now days app developers are really getting very creative and coming up with new ideas of exploring your device features. Android is surely a great OS because of so many app developers in every field even gaming and all.

These are the steps to install QuickMaps app on your android device and then get directions to your favourite places –

  • Step 1: First of all go to Google Play store and then go to the search bar. In the search bar type QuickMaps and hit on the search button. Now after getting to this app just click on the download button.
  • Step 2: Now after downloading the app on your device go to the installation and by following the simple instructions you can install it on your device to go further.
  • Step 3: Now run this app for the first time on your device. Then you will get a sample page of this app with directions to a sample spot. Now there will be many buttons on the screen. One of the button on the right is Edit button. Just click on it.
  • Step 4: Now there will be many circles around that screen in the edit area. You can tap on any of these circles to change the destination and the place you are right now. You can also tag different places in this app using that page.
  • Step 5: These circles will hold the directions to your eight favourite places. You can edit them any time you want.
  • Step 6: Now when you are done with feeding the destination info in the app you can get the directions by choosing any mode of transport on the top of the page. There are four options to get the directions like by car, by bus and by walking and all. So it’s a pretty good app with good features.
  • Step 7: After choosing the mode of transport you can swipe on any circle you have created below those buttons. When you will do that Google Map will load and will give you the best route to your destination.

So this is how you can install QuickMaps android application on your device and get directions to your favourite places. Seriously mobile map navigation and all never been that much easier. This app really deserves claps from our side. We would like to say that even you are going home or going to office and all, just feed this info in this app’s circles and then swipe on any of those places on the circles to get the directions. This is a pretty good app with better option of getting directions.

How to find the WiFi spots of the location before you travel there

If you are a tablet user then you will know the importance of wifi spots at some place. Some times you really need to be updated with your mails and all then you all need a WiFi spot around you to check these mails on your devices. So suppose if you are going on a travel next month and if you want to know the WiFi spots around your area where you are going to stay then WIFI Finder application can surely help you with that. Now with the help of this app you can really know where to find the free WIFI spots around the area you are going to stay. This application for Android can be really helpful for people who travel around a lot and need WIFI connections on the crucial moments when they need to check their emails and all.

Features of WIFI Finder application –

  • This app will help you to scan all WIFI spots around you.
  • You can also search the WIFI connection for public all around the world.
  • You can also get all the details about these WIFI spots and you can get directions to these places and also report of a Dead WIFI connection with this app.
  • You can also filter the results you get using the Location and Provider Based results.
  • Special thing about this app is that you can get access to this data base online and offline too.

How to install this app on your tablet –

  • Step 1: First of all go to Google Play Store with your device and then search for –WiFI Finder- and then click on download.
  • Step 2: Now check out the permissions asked by this app and allow it if you think its safe.
  • Step 3: Now Tap on accept and download app.
  • Step 4: Now the app will be installed on your device and you can open it from the button on the home screen of your Tablet.

How to work along with this app to find WIFI spots –

  • Now first of all download the offline data base of this app by going through the main menu buttons of this app. Now because of the offline data base you can also find the WIFI spots without any internet connection too. Now you will need to install the data base  by clicking on Install Offline Data Base button.

Now when the offline data base is correctly installed on your device you can easily start using this application from your tablet.

How to search –

  • Start the application and then type in the search bar like Zip code and all about the place you are going.
  • Now click on the Search Button and results will be there ASAP.
  • Now there will be a lot of results about the particular place you have searched. You can click on any of these WIFI spots to get more details about them.
  • Now click on any WIFI Spot from the map of this app and you will be able to do a lot of stuff with that.
  • You can get the address of this WIFI spot, directions to this place, add it to your favourite locations, share it with others, report if the WIFI is closed and all.

Now this is how you can search about the WIFI spots of the place you are going to visit in few days and all. You will need to follow these instructions carefully to know more about the WIFI Spots. You can share it with others and also get directions to the WIFI Spot because of the map attached to it.

Other Features like Searching WIFI around you – Now if you want to know the WIFI spots around your area then just click on the Near Me Button which is on the top of this app. Now this app will access your GPS location and will show you the WIFI Spots around you. So this app also works as a WIFI scanner to scan the WIFI spots available around your area. So it’s a pretty cool app to have on your tablet if you travel a lot and don’t have any internet connectivity. You can get it with this app.