How to Update Galaxy S2 SkyRocket with Android 4.0 AOKP Firmware

If you are an owner of Samsung Galaxy S2 SkyRocket phone than you can be really happy that new Android Open Kang Project ROM which is based on the Ice Cream Sandwich android 4.0 Firmware is released and now you can update your phone with it. One of the most successful devices by Samsung is Skyrocket and there are many people are there who uses this. Well if you want to update this device with the new firmware than you should totally check out this article and you will not get any problem updating your device with the latest firmware. Well the new firmware called AOKP will give you new features to enjoy on your Android devices. The article we have written here is to help you to update your phone with the latest firmware without any single problem. Well before you actually start updating your device with the latest firmware you should also check out the pre requisites for your update process.

Pre Requisites you have to follow before you start updating your phone –

  • First of all you will have to make sure that you have the back up of your all important type of data on your device. You should back up all of the contact details and the other type of data on your phone with the back up setting of the phone by connecting it to the computer.
  • Now second thing you need is the battery. Make sure that you have charged your Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket at least 80% because some times rooting process can take more time and it will consume more battery and you don’t want to hang up in middle then just charge it full.
  • Now start your phone and go to the USB Debug Mode. You can do it by going to the Settings and then to Development and then find out it and Enable it by clicking on it.
  • Now on your computer turn off all types of security programs because all these anti virus and other programs can create some type of problem in the Rooting Process of your Phone.

How to update your phone with AOKP Firmware –

These are the steps you will need to follow to update your phone with the latest firmware.

  • Step 1: Well first of all you will need to download the three different files on your computer. First file is the AOKP ICS package to update the phone, Google Apps, and the Super Wipe File called DarkSide.
  • Step 2: Now you will need to connect your Android Phone with your computer and then you will have to copy all of these three files to your computer from your android device.
  • Step 3: Now after having these three files on your computer you are ready to go for the next steps of the update process. Disconnect your android device from your computer and switch it off and then you are ready for the Download Mode.
  • Step 4: Now you will need to put your android phone in the Download Mode and you can do it simply by holding the Volume UP button and then Volume Down and finally Power Button. So this is how your phone will go into the Download Mode. If your phone do not go into that mode than you will have to do that process again and again.
  • Step 5: Now when you are in the Download Mode on your Android Device you will have to Choose Wipe Data/Factory reset after Wipe Cache partition option and it will clear every thing on your android device. So make sure you have back up of everything on your device.
  • Step 6: Now in the Recovery Mode of your Device you will need to select the zip file from the SD card and then go through the internal memory of your device and look for the AOKP package. Then you will need to do the same thing with the Google Apps and the Dark Side Super User Wipe file.
  • Step 7: Now when the update process of your phone starts do not do anything that interrupts your update process of your device. So you will have to wait un till your device again goes in to the Recovery Mode after the update.
  • Step 7: Now when your phone is in the Recovery Mode again you will have to Select the button Reboot System Now. So this is how your phone will be restarted again with the latest firmware.

So if you will follow all of these steps care fully than you will be able to update your phone with the latest AOKP latest firmware in your Android Device. Make sure you follow all the steps perfectly. So if you get any problem with it then just leave the comment below.

How to install the Galaxy S3’s S – Voice feature on any Android

Samsung has sold so many mobile devices in the past few months because of android features and all. Well now as you know the most awaited Android phone from Samsung called Galaxy S3 is out in the market and its having some unique features. Its one of the special features is the S-Voice. Well now you can be happy even if you are not having Galaxy S3 but still you can have S-Voice on your android device too. There are some brilliant android developers are out there who have ported the S-Voice features for other android devices too. Well Samsung has not released this application for other android devices in the market but few developers extracted it from the Galaxy S3 and made it available for other Android devices too. Well if you are thinking how it will be possible to get it on your device, then please don’t worry just follow this article and you will not get any problem having S-Voice on your android device. You just have to install the APK file of this app on your android device and you are good to go.

Well at this moment there is no official version of S-Voice is there on the Google Play store so that you can go there and simply download and install it on your device. So you will need to go to the given link in the step 1 and then you will need to copy the file on your device to install the app on your android device. And we think Samsung is not going to release this app in the short time officially and it will take few more months when Samsung will come up with the official version of this app for all other android devices in the market and it will be a great step from Samsung for other phone users.

How to Install the Galaxy S3’s S-Voice feature on other android devices –

  • Step 1: Well to install S Voice on your device you will first need to download the APK file of this app from this — Link. This package is the size of 26.7 MB. So save this file on your computer in any folder from which its pretty accessible.
  • Step 2: Now you will need to extract this file to get the “Voicetalk.apk” file to install this application on your android device.
  • Step 3: Now you will need to connect your Android Device to your computer and you will have to wait until its drivers and all are detected by your computer.
  • Step 4: Now when the phone is detected by your computer you will need to Copy the Voicetalk.apk file on your phone’s memory card. And after copying the file on your device just simply disconnect it from your computer.
  • Step 5: Now on your device navigate to the location of your memory card where the file is placed and just simply tap on it. Now this app will start installing and you just need to simply follow the on screen simple instructions to install it.
  • Step 6: Now when you will follow all the on screen instructions by this app on your device the installation process will be finished. Now after the installation this app will prompt you to Accept its agreement and the terms of the services. So you will need to accept them for sure if you want to use the application.
  • Step 7: Now after accepting the terms and the conditions of this app you will get a quick guide of this application for how to use it. You can skip it too if you don’t want to read it. But if you really want to learn about how to operate the app then you should totally read the intro and guide of this app.
  • Step 8: Now when you are done with all of these things then you can easily launch this application on your android device and you can use its amazing features. It works kind of like the Apple’s Siri application for iPhone devices.

So this is how you can install this app on your android devices and have fun with it. It will work on any type of android devices but there are few users who have complained that they cant really install the app on their android devices because of some parse error or something like that. Well the developers of the un official app are still working to fix some bugs and all related to this app so you might have to wait for some time to get the app on your device after the bugs are fixed.