How you can unlock the boot loader of HTC One X Phone

HTC One X smart phone is surely one of the best phones available in the market. If you are owner of HTC One X and want to know how you can unlock the boot loader of this phone then you can follow this article. We have created few simple steps for you guys to easily unlock the boot loader of HTC One X smart phone. This phone is surely equipped with lots of features we want you to use every one of them. Unlocking of boot loader will allow you to do so many stuffs that the original device misses. HTC One X have the features that are present in the high priced smart phones and you can still use them if you know how to unlock the boot loader of this device.

Important Instruction before unlocking the boot loader of HTC One X phone –

First thing is that when you will unlock the boot loader of HTC One X, you will lose its warranty and the all data saved on the phone. The pre requisites for you to do before starting the un locking process are mentioned here. First of all connect your phone to a computer and import all of your data on the phone to the computer. This is the first basic thing if you don’t want to lose the important data on your device. The second thing is that you should check if the HTC Sync software is installed on your computer or not. If this is not installed then you should go to HTC site and download it from there. Also make sure that the battery of your device is around 70 % because if the battery is low then it can create problem in the unlocking process.

Main Steps to unlock HTC One X boot loader –

  • Step 1 : First of all make sure that HTC Sync software is installed on your computer and all necessary Drivers are also installed on your computer.
  • Step 2: Now follow this link and download the Fast Boot Zip Package. [ Download Link Fast Boot Package ]
  • Step 3 : Now After downloading that file just save it on the computer and you should also extract the zip file to any location on computer.
  • Step 4 : Now you will have to visit HTC official Page – Click here . Now just go to accounts section on the site and create an account there. After creating the account log in there and then follow this – link.
  • Step 5: Now from the list of devices on this page just select all other supported devices and then click on the Begin Unlock Bootloader  and then on the warning message just click Yes.
  • Step 6: Now you will get unlocking instructions on the screen, just follow all these instructions and then you can turn off your Device.
  • Step 7 : Now Press Volume  Down key and the power key to go into the Bootloader mode. Now in this mode select FastBoot and now connect your phone to the Computer using the USB.
  • Step 8: Now Go to Start Button on your Computer and then go to Command Prompt if you are using Windows, otherwise just open the Command Prompt on any other OS. Now go to the directory or folder where you have saved the FastBoot File.
  • Step 9 : Now in the Command Prompt Type ‘fastboot oem get_identifier_token’ and then you will get a Token ID. Just copy that ID and save it.
  • Step 10: Now go again to this – Link and Submit that Token ID there. Now you will be given a file named as Unlock which will go to your email address. Just go to your mail and save this file in the Fastboot Package Folder.
  • Step 11: Now go again to Command Prompt and type ‘fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin’ then click on enter and then on the Yes and then you can press the power button on your device to confirm it.
  • Step 12: Now your phone will reboot and then to check if the phone is unlocked just go to bootloader mode again and check if on the top of screen it says Unlocked.

Well the process of booting is quite big but its simple just follow the given instructions. I hope you guys like it and please leave any comment if you get any problem.