How to use Viggle Android application and get rewarded for watching TV Shows

Don’t you like when someone rewards you for something because you did something. Then we think you will surely like to get rewarded for watching TV also. There is an application for android and its called Viggle. This application will reward you with some points for the shows you will watch on TV. So why don’t you get rewarded for watching TV Shows at your home. This app will let you check in for the TV shows you watch at the moment and will reward you points for that. This application kind of works like the music application Shazam. Viggle app will listen the sound of your TV show and then compare the voice of the characters with its data base and then will check you in with that particular TV show and then will reward you with watching that TV show. So this application is really cool because you actually get rewarded watching TV show and you never got that before.

Viggle app is kind of like the Shazam app which is for music. If you have not heard about Shazam then we would like to say that this is one of the most amazing Android app out there and you must try it out on your Android Device. So Viggle is the same thing with watching TV shows at your home. This app will first identify what TV show you are actually watching and then it will check you in with that show and you will be rewarded with some points. Values of these points you will get will be different for different shows. If there will be a featured show of this application which you will watch on your TV then it will reward you more for that. Well there will be one thing in your mind that what you can actually do with these points. Well the thingy is that you can actually exchange these points with some gift cards. For an example you can exchange them with Barnes & Noble on iTunes or other gadgets like iPod Touch and all.

These are the steps to install Viggle on your Device and the get rewarded –

  • Step 1: This application is currently in the beta version so you can get some bugs while using it. Well first of all go to this site – Now from this site download the application for your Android device. Now after downloading it on your device also install it. Then you will be asked to sign up an account with that app and its really necessary to do that.
  • Step 2: After signing up with the app you will need to enter your cable provider in the app and also the Zip code of your area. This is really important so that this app can show you what shows are available for rewards in your area. And what shows are in its data base to recognize.
  • Step 3: Now when you start to watch a TV show on your TV then just open this app and click on the Check In Tab. And then just simply touch on the Viggle App logo. Now this app will start recognizing the show you are watching. When it will be done identifying the show there will be a point value pop up on your screen. Now this is how you will need to do every time when you will watch a show to get points from the app.
  • Step 4: You can also set alarm for new episodes of your favourite TV Shows with the app. So you will be notified every time there will be a new show to watch and get point.

So this is how you can install Viggle android application on your device and then get points for watching the TV shows. Well we would like to say that this app is currently in its beta version and it can have some bugs. So whenever you get a bug just report it to the developers and they will improve it. So Viggle is surely one of the best apps you must have on your device because there is a certain time in our day when we watch TV shows, so why don’t just get rewarded for that.